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#1 by ding0728 , Thu Oct 15, 2015 8:01 pm

LAGOS Cheap Jerseys , April 3 (Xinhua) -- A Nigerian boxing champion, Olaide Fijabi, says his invitation for national camping ahead of the Commonwealth Games is the beginning of his journey to stardom.

"I will employ every admissible tactics in the sport to make the final list for the Commonwealth Games for it is only then I will be self-fulfilled," Fijabi, a 64kg national champion, told reporters in Lagos on Thursday.

"I believe I have paid my dues in boxing, it is now the turn of the nation to show me the route to limelight," said the pugilist who was champion at the National Sports Festivals at Kaduna in 2010, Port Harcourt in 2011 and Lagos in 2012.

Fijabi told reporters that the camp which is mainly for national gold medalists of all the 10 boxing categories will afford him the opportunity to step up his game.

"My target for the Games is to win gold medal which I know will aid me to further my professional ambition," the boxer added.

"If it is exposure, I think I have got that over the years; in 2013 under the Lagos State Boxing Association, I won a gold medal in an invitational tournament in London," he said.

Fijabi said he trained daily to help him to develop his skills ahead of the Games.

The national camp, which was earlier planned to begin on March 28, has been shifted to an undisclosed date.

Nigeria would feature in seven sports at the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Games will hold from July 23 to Aug. 3.

The sports are athletics, table tennis, wrestling, boxing, weightlifting, shooting and all the sports for the physically challenged (para-sports).

Nigeria was ninth at the last Games in New Delhi, India in 2010 with 11 gold, eight silver and 14 bronze medals.

Generally, the purpose behind the first aid courses is to teach the learners with different techniques that can work out for saving the lives of people, who are at risk. These techniques are to be used by the learners in situations, where the life or health of an individual near them is compromised. The trainees are provided with the right kind of lessons in such a way that they can secure the life of the victim until the arrival of the medical help. It is the first and foremost thing to be done to protect the life of a dying individual.

Nowadays, many companies have made it compulsory that for getting appointed in their organization people should have undergone occupational first aid courses. Only when they have this certification, they are provided job opportunities. Even though, if there is not such requirement laid on you when you joined your organization, it would be wise to take up such a course in such a way that you can save the precious lives of people. You will get the satisfaction of saving a life until the arrival of the right medical help. Some of the types of first aid available according to the age and profession of the victims are listed below

Pediatric or geriatric: If you have little kids in your home or if you are working in a school, you can take up this type of course. When there are kids around, there are great chances of accidents as they run here and there. Even though, parents and teachers control them, sometimes things go beyond their control particularly when the kids are over-enthusiastic about something. In the case of sudden emergencies, if you have the required training, you can first get the things under control and then can seek medical help. Like for instance, if your child has got an injury and blood is oozing out, when you are trained, you will know how to stop the blood flow and then you can take your kid to the doctor.

Occupational first aid: Generally, most of the organization will have an individual to take care of the immediate medical needs of the working personnel. This individual would have been trained to provide first aid for common workplace accidents. You can take up this training and can help your co-workers in the case of any emergency.

In addition to these two types there are other types like sports, emergency and cardiopulmonary resuscitation and isolated-area first aid. There are professional firms offering training to working population looking for occupational first aid courses.

Qualtec is the best safety training and consulting company in Ireland. It offers high quality health and safety training programs such as manual handling training, patient handling training, Occupational First Aid courses, Forklift training and more. For more info, click here.

When choosing any storage solution it's important to consider the workload and data usage patterns. This even goes beyond storage - application workloads drive server, network and all IT infrastructure decisions. Sure, most vendors will tell you that their product is the best solution for any workload, and when choices were few, that was somewhat accurate. However, today there are many different offerings, each with strengths and weaknesses in different situations. This article will review six workload scenarios and identify where cloud storage is a good fit and where it is a poor fit. Rapidly Changing Single File Workloads Examples of a rapidly changing single file workload would include IO patterns of a database, source code repository, or an active spreadsheet. In this workload there is either a very powerful single server, or many users sharing a single file. In both cases, updates to a single file are constant and rapid, driving the need for a tier-one class of storage. To facilitate this workload, the system should have lots of memory; fast, hard drives; and the ability to create snapshots for instant data protection. Today this market is well served by Enterprise NAS vendors such as EMC and NetApp. Data Ingestion Workloads The best example of a data ingestion workload is video surveillance. Consider, for example, the city of London and its thousands of

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