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Soer Juggling Introduction Juggling is one of the most entertaining skills in soer but ironically Wholesale Jerseys Cheapest , a player rarely gets the chance to juggle, or have the reason to do so, during the match. A basic rule of soer says that if you want your team to keep possession for as long as possible, and today's ga is based around prolonged possession, the ball must stay on the ground as much as possible. Obviously, while juggling you would have to lift it from the ground, which is why the skill itself isn't very useful in itself. That's the reason why a lot of cohes tend to dismiss it or overlook it in training sessions, thinking that they'd rather train the players to sothing that has prticable use in a match. And that's what I believe to be one of the biggest mistakes in cohing, especially in youth cohing: ignoring soer juggling training. To bk up my claims, I'm going to ow you extly why soer juggling is so important and also tell you how to juggle properly and a couple of ways to train it individually, with a teammate or in a group. Soer Juggling Why is it Important? You won't find yourself juggling in almost any situation on the pitch (unless maybe if you want to humiliate your opponents or the likes), but that doesn't an soer juggling ouldn't be trained. In ft Wholesale Jerseys China , it's one of the skills that are amongst the easiest to train and not only that, but you'll also see the results very quickly. Juggling affects an array of peripheral skills and most importantly, it's fun! Learning and developing as a soer player with exercises that are hard or boring isn't the best way to do so, but if you can train and have fun at the sa ti, that's a proven golden recipe. Here are so of the skills that are most visibly improved with the help of juggling: Ball Control Probably the skill that improves most with juggling is ball control. Doing constant juggling exercises, you'll learn extly how strong to tip the ball with your foot to stay within your range, which is basically what ball control is all about. While juggling, you also get what I like to call foot confidence" and you'll soon learn to control the ball without tually having to focus on the trapping itself. This is extrely important since it permits you to control the ball naturally, allowing you to use those extra 2 seconds you would need to focus on receiving the ball, to already look up a player to pass it to. Agility While juggling, you will have to make quick adjustnts to your body in order to keep the ball in mid air. In the long run, this improves your agility and you'll be able to gain control of the ball faster in a match Wholesale NFL Jerseys , in situations where lightning reflexes are needed. It also helps you with performing faster direction changes, which is great to have when dribbling the ball past an opponent. Trapping and Receiving This applies especially for balls ing at you in mid air that you need to gain control of. Soer juggling allows you to quickly judge how soft or hard you need to hit the ball, in order for it not to get out of your body's reh. Although having to trap a long ball with your thigh or foot won't be the sa as having to juggle a ball at the sa height with your thigh or foot, it's still a good basis to learn how to perfectly execute these moves. These are the skills that can be worked out with the help of soer juggling that have the most visible effect, but obviously, juggling affects a lot of other skills to a smaller extent. So now that you know how important juggling is, let's see how you can train it and how to juggle correctly. Soer Juggling How to Juggle Correctly The fun thing about soer juggling is that there's no real right" technique to do it. You can juggle with your instep, outside or inside of foot, bk heel, head, hip, thigh or oulder www.wholesalejerseysforcheapest.com , as long as you keep the ball in the air, it's correctly done. However, if you want to focus on improving the skills I ntioned above, it's a good idea to try to follow a few juggling patterns. Start off by juggling with your strong foot. When you can 50 to 100 juggles just using your strong foot without too much of a hassle, start the sa process, but this ti use your weaker foot. Again, once you're confident you can do 50 to 100 juggles with your weaker foot, start alternating beeen them. When you can do 100 or more alternative juggles (aning that there's no left-left or right-right juggle bination in that 100 or more), start prticing with your stronger foot's thigh, then your weaker foot's thigh and finally, your head. Once you get a good grip of all these sub-exercises for juggling, simply play with the ball and juggle it with whichever body part es fortable. If you're at this stage in juggling Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , where you can seemingly juggle forever and not drop the ball, you've already improved your other skills a great deal, so those hours of prtice will finally pay off. It's getting here that's the hard part though... Soer Juggling Drills I covered how to juggle individually in the section above, so if you're willing to spend so extra ti off the training hours to improve yourself and your soer juggling skills on your own, you ould follow up that routine. As a coh however, you'll want to have your players working on juggling during the prtice sessions as well and it's best if you bine allowing them to juggle individually, with working in pairs andor groups. In order for them to prtice their soer juggling skills in pairs, you ould try to hand pick the pairs with height and juggling skill in mind. You'll want players with close heights to work together and not pit soone that's a foot taller against a smaller teammate because it might disrupt the exercise. You'll also want to have players with close juggling skills working together, pairing up less skilled players to allow them to work on their juggling skills without hindering another player's exercise. Think of what would happen if a less skilled juggler would be paired up with a highly skilled one...ob

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