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Acerbis has an exciting collection of high end chest protectors especially designed for women. The most po[censored] r varieties amongst this collection are the Lady Fusion and Lady Profile. These come in beautiful colors like silver Colorado Rockies Michael Cuddyer Jersey , black, red and pink and available in myriad sizes as well. Each of these chest protector motorcycle accessories is cut low on the neck and has a high waist to provide a comfort fit to a woman's torso. The usage of suspended shoulders, foam on every edge and padding of 'thousand air cells' helps in providing maximum comfort levels. In addition, the shoulder attachment has quick release functionality along with a complete ventilation back unit that is replete with a shoulder air intake channel. The upper arm guards and detachable kidney pads are another notable feature in these chest protectors. Each of these motocross accessories comes with a customized chest plate that is shaped according to the individual's requirements. The weight of the chest protector is just 2.47 pounds which makes for a lightweight fit.

Engine parts

Acerbis also has an impressive collection of engine parts and motorcycle exhaust fittings. The most po[censored] r varieties in this range are the Acerbis Air Box Wash Cover and Acerbis Uniko Air Box Wash Cover. Some of these are universal models available for all bikes while others are specially meant for Honda or Yamaha bikes. These motocross accessories are especially useful for all those racers who love cleaning their bikes themselves. To avoid the spread of water into the carburetor while washing the bike these washing covers come in handy. The presence of a robust rubber sealing helps to prevent water buildup on the track. This way, a person can easily power wash the interiors of the airbox which is usually very dirty and filled with grime.

Handy handguards

The range of Acerbis' handguards is also very useful and durable at the same time. Some of the favorites with all motocross riders include the Acerbis Flag, MiniCross, Mini Rally and the MultiConcept Enduro handguards. These come in rich and vibrant colors such as black, white, red, orange, green, silver, blue, yellow etc. Each of these handguard motorcycle accessories is made from Dual Injection molded plastic and also has a highly flexible Colorado Rockies Matt Belisle Jersey , adjustable system for mounting purposes. The weight of this system is so light that it is extremely easy to maneuver. Currently, the mounting kit is being sold separately.

Miscellaneous tools

Acerbis has also brought out an amazing line up of exclusive tools and motorcycle accessories. These include the Silencer Plugs and Sparkplug holders. Each of these come in assorted colors and is able to fit into almost every 2 and 4 stroke bike. The large sized silencer plug would typically fit into a 4 stroke bike only and comes at a very affordable price.

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