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in her husbandís death

#1 by sunshine , Sat Oct 31, 2015 9:39 pm

with Ryan Reynolds.Kiefer Sutherland is back in Jack Bauer mode http://www.mydiydress.com/celebrity-dresses_128_1.html , judging from the trailer for his new TV show.The music label behind Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Usher, P!nk and a whole lot more just shut down.Megan Fox doesn t even look like Megan Fox in her new Armani ads.I m not sure how I feel about Amy Smart s wedding dress, but I love that she didn t wearing silly satiny shoes.on Parks and Rec/Party Down/Childrens Hospital/The League is pretty boss.Speaking of Parks and Rec, here s video of the cast taste-testing candy.It s a long weekend (yay, Turkey Day!In celebration, here s a look at what we re thankful for.The trailer for John Cusack s movie, in which he plays Edgar Allan Poe, has dropped.Did she pick up any tips?Belinda Stronach, who herself has been around the betrothal block more than once, spent part of her weekend with the likes of the never-say-marry Bill Maher and the not-the-first-time-at-the-rodeo Hugh Hefner at the grandest vows-taking this side of Kate/William.the Jacqueline-of-all-trades and Canadian heiress was one of the select invitees at one of the most crazy-in-a-good-way nuptials that L.has seen in recent times.An occasion that called for a LíWren Scott cocktail dress!And what aspect of the Simmons/Shannon Tweed celebration would Stronach select as her personal fave?the bride, not the dog!The part where the rock star and his bride first-danced to Etta Jamesí At Last, taking a page out of the Obama playbook?Oh, I know, I know: the part where the guests had to sign waivers, this being a televised event for the Simmons reality show that airs on A E?It was the music that stood out for her, actually.What I do know, also http://www.mydiydress.com/ball-gowns_127_1.html , is that by Monday the recovering politician had ably switched her attention from the wedding we thought weíd never see to a star-studded event of another variety, in Ottawa, where she was one of the honourees at this yearís UN Women Canada National Committee Award luncheon, in support of gender equality and womenís empowerment.Whatís that they say about no rest for the weary?The Toronto-sprung puppeteer behind TVís House may be ending the show this season but he may also not.David Shore said as much in a recent interview with zap2it.Asked whether his wily chief protagonist has been changed by his time in prison itís where House starts off this season!The shadow of jail hangs over his head for a while.But, you know, House is House.open the SkyDome (um, Rogers Centre) with the power of his many complex emotions.David Cronenberg got his Canadian auteur hind to Manhattan over the weekend to participate at the New Yorker Festival, at which point he got more than a few good, intelligenstia-tickling lines.I get asked occasionally why I donít make a comedy, which surprises me.Iím making them endlessly.Amanda Anderson contacted me by email when I was still in Afghanistan earlier this year.She had seen some of my blogging, seen the sketches, and then followed the white rabbit through the internet hole, till it eventually took her to a sketch I did when I was in Kandahar four years ago.The sketch was of a small memorial service in a Forward Operating Base a couple of days after the death of six Canadian soldiers in a single IED strike.Jordan Anderson had been one of the six young men and one Afghan interpreter killed that day.Amanda initially contacted me wanting to know more about the sketch and if I had met or drawn any of the other soldiers who had died that day?Back in Canada and immersed in the hoopla of the end of Canadian Infantry Operations I contacted Amanda again to ask if she would allow me to tell her story.I wanted to tell at least one of the stories of people for whom the war is not over and never will be.Amanda was reticent at first and I have to admit to having second thoughts myself about inserting myself into someone else s life and grief.In the end Amanda agreed to tell me her story, and I promised to do the best job I could telling it.I visited her at home in Edmonton Alberta.What is below is the story as it ran in the newspaper.A WIFE SOLDIERS ONWhen Corporal Jordan Anderson prepared to go to war he made sure his wife knew what to expect should the worst happen.He told me that the case that he comes home in is called a transfer case and that there is dry ice in it.Itís not the casket.said Amanda Anderson.Anderson told his wife details she didnít want to hear, following her from room to room when she refused to listen.He told me, ĎIf I am shot you might be able to see my body depending on where I was shot, but if it is an IED, donít even expect to see me.Anderson, who died when a massive IED killed him and six others http://www.mydiydress.com/sweet-16_126_1.html , was wrong.Maybe two days before the funeral they said that I could see him.He looked almost like himself.Anderson even told his wife how the news would be broken to her.He told me that if two officers came to the door, he was wounded and that if three officers came to the door, he was dead.On July 4, 2007, at 7:02 a.Anderson answered her front door to find four soldiers standing there.I laughed at them and said, ĎThere are too many of you.Four years later, Ms.Anderson is still struggling to come to grips with what happened, still fighting emotions of pride, grief and anger, still looking for meaning in her husbandís death.Anderson first met her future husband in the summer of 2001 when he was in Ottawa for two weeks as part of a rifle-shooting team.Over drinks, he told her he was a soldier based in Edmonton, but his family home was farther north, in Inuvik, in the Northwest Territories.For the next two weeks, they spent every spare moment together.Cpl Anderson eventually returned to Edmonton, but was back in Ottawa within weeks.They went out for dinner together, she said, and as the doors opened she looked back over her shoulder.They drove her Toyota Camry back to Edmonton together and Ms.Anderson moved in with her aunt in the west end.I didnít think it was quite right just to move in with him.Anderson was on a Mounta.

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RE: in her husbandís death

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