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didn't take long before the claims

#1 by sunshine , Sat Oct 31, 2015 9:39 pm

ek before their wedding http://www.mydiydress.com/formal-dresses_125_1.html , she said.You told me if I pay you in advance my gown would be in threemonths before my wedding.He promised me my dress was going to be there, it s not fair, the stress, the headache.Wheeler says she ordered two dresses from Elite Fashions on the west bank.One for the ceremony and one for the reception.I never felt so hurt before like many days and nights I just sat up crying, Wheeler said.My fiance tried to tell me it s going to be okay, don t worry about it, we re going to do something about it, it just hurt.And, she s not the only one who has complaints.We checked with the New Orleans Better Business Bureau, and Elite Fashions has an F rating with multiple complaints on the BBB s website.One says, Elite Fashions ruined the great memories of my wedding due to their unprofessional, untimely, and deceptive business practices.Another said, I never received the dress I ordered.The Better Business Bureau says buyer beware, With any business dealing you need to check the business review and it s very easy.You can go online, you can give us a call, there s so many ways now and it only takes a second, said Cynthia Albert with the BBB.We talked with the owner of the west bank store.He wouldn t go on-camera with us but says he plans to reimburse Wheeler for both of her dresses and even offered her a similar, more expensive wedding dress at half price.But http://www.mydiydress.com/homecoming-dresses_124_1.html , Wheeler says she had to fight to get her money back and the bottom line is she didn t get her dream dress that she paid for.That s why she filed a complaint with the BBB and is warning others.I don t want no other bride to go through it, Wheeler said.Even if you are going there just to get a regular dress, don t deal with them because they are not professional and they are not on time with nothing they do.Wheeler says she was able to find a wedding dress at the last minute at another bridal store.She s just hoping it will fit.As for that F rating and those complaints, the store owner says they ve been in business for more than 20 years and are bound to get some complaints in that time.Tuesday, 4 August 2015Pierson wore a Norma Kamali parachute dress, with a pink overskirt ruched up to show a white slip and Coleman went for a white and grey floor length high street option from All Saints.Not many grown women can pull off baby pink (especially combined with fire engine red hair), but Pierson has been breaking the fashion rules for years and as always she's done so with aplomb.Both women were adorned with celebratory leis - flowered garlands presented as a token of affection in Hawaii.e Phoebe Dahl Reveals Wedding PlansSee 50 Years Of Beautiful Wedding Hair In Less Than 2 MinutesThe lighting of the tiki torches!Wednesday, 5 August 2015The couple were joined at the wedding by pop songstress Sia and her husband Erik Anders Lang, while B-52's frontman Fred Schneider reportedly served as the best man.The star's rep told E!News that Sia performed Crush Me With Your Love, a tune she wrote for Pierson's solo album, Guitars and Microphones, which dropped earlier this year.No word yet as to whether a narwhal showed up.Rodriguez then complimented Bristowe's figure.Isn't he a horny little sweetheart?After Bristowe went into the dressing room, Rodriguez said, "This is going to be boring.I hope she doesn't take forever.To pass the time, he pulled out two shot glasses and a bottle of tequila.Bristowe didn't like the first dress.It looks like you were going to a hooker ballet," Kimmel joked.Rodriguez offered Bristowe a shot.Maybe if you have enough of these you'll like it," Kimmel suggested.But, according to Kimmel, the next dress looked "like a tablecloth http://www.mydiydress.com/party-dresses_123_1.html ," and the next few weren't exactly winners, either.Charles suggested Bristowe try something "more glamorous," prompting a bored Kimmel and Rodriguez to try on several different bridesmaids dresses.It's really flattering in the breast area.It really brings out the chest hairs," Bristowe said of a blue number.After modeling a purple dress for Bristowe, Kimmel joked, "I feel like if Prince got married, this is what his mother would wear to the wedding.Bristowe didn't want to hurt their feelings.I don't want my bridesmaids looking better than me," she said.Did Bristowe find the perfect dress?Watch the first video to find out!Does The YouTube Surprise Pregnancy Husband Have An Ashley Madison Account?See The Evidence HERE!UPDATE 4:20 PM EST: Upon further digging, it appears this was a paid account.It was opened on September 14, 2013.The IP address can be traced to a country club in Dallas, TX.Sam and Nia Rader rocketed into the public eye with their adorable video where Sam surprised Nia with the news that she was pregnant.Then they got the sympathy of millions when they announced Nia had a miscarriage.But it didn't take long before the claims of the YouTubers were called into question.Sam's only response to doubts about their authenticity was that it was persecution over their faith!Related: Viral Stories That Turned Out To Be Hoaxes!Well now the conservative couple has a whole other problem -- Sam may have been unfaithful!Ever since hackers released the account information of thousands of Ashley Madison users, we've been wondering if we'd see any familiar names logged on to the cheating website.In his second biggest sex scandal this year, Josh Duggar has infamously been outed as a member.Alec Wells and Katherine Canipe are getting ready for the one-year anniversary of their engagement by finally uploading footage of their horror-style proposal.On October 25 2014, Canipe was on a tour of some filming locations of chilling classic Halloween when she spotted a rather scary figure down the street.Turning a corner, laughing and crying, she soon realized the kneeling figure was not Michael Myers but Wells and he had a question to ask her.Despite the rather creepy nature of the proposal Canipe said yes.The pair are also the couple from the Back to the Future engagement photo that went viral on Red.

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RE: didn't take long before the claims

#2 by brightentertainment , Thu May 10, 2018 2:11 am

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The workmanship on show is a real trea

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