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#1 by ding0728 , Sat Nov 07, 2015 12:59 am

锘? Shanghai nike air huarache dames kopen , Wenjing Road, Minhang District, Shanghai Flying Horse Knitting Co., Ltd. in front of a sign erected in the significant recruitment of head office, recruiting skilled knitting, sewing, Tenders, Ran Yi workers, from time to time there are a number of foreign workers who stop scan. Many of them were from the Pearl River Delta. Some garment factories in the Pearl River Delta shut down, many workers have chosen the Yangtze River Delta north to find new jobs. Our labor shortage problems have been alleviated, can even merit. Garment enterprises in Suzhou, a person who deeply share. But only solve the recruitment difficulties is not enough. Appreciation of the renminbi, raw material prices, labor costs, are the textile, clothing and related heads of the most important export enterprises of the three big mountains, let them breathe. In 2008, the textile exports of the industrys most difficult year. Shanghai Flying Horse Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Pegasus Shanghai, Shanghai Flying Horse Knitting Co., Ltd. for its self factory), General Manager Lu Longsheng commented on this years exports situation. He admitted: Were doing foreign trade business, profit margins may be only about 1%, only about 3% of the factory. Some of our factories have even at the loss of self-edge. Shanghai Flying Horse is the most famous of the local textile exporting companies. Pegasus textile exports through Shanghai, mainly purchased from outside the factory, a small amount from its own. In 2005, Shanghai Pegasus export 192 million U.S. dollars, 221 million U.S. dollars in 2006, 2007, compared to 2.4 billion U.S. dollars. Shanghai Pegasus can be said that textile and garment export-oriented enterprises in the representation business. Its export value, export volume and export price changes, reflected the typical situation of this industry. Forward Wang, general manager of the first textile network said. This is a typical textile and garment export business. Shanghai Flying Horse of every order to go through the following steps: negotiating with foreign clients, both sides agreed the price nike air huarache nm kopen , delivery conditions, the order to the Shanghai Pegasus in the suburbs of Shanghai garment factory or a delegate to the long-term cooperation in Jiangsu and Zhejiang outside the factory, garment factory in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other areas from procurement of material, to mass production, and finally, export deliveries to foreign customers. Jun (not his real name) is a Shanghai Pegasus salesman, usually, her main job is to contact with foreign customers, to find clothing factory orders and so on. Difficult this year than in the past, due to various unfavorable factors are at work. In her view, every step of the hidden trap. Bear the brunt of the appreciation of the renminbi. Appreciation of the yuan against the dollar too fast. Lu Longsheng said. Originally, Shanghai Pegasus has been under 3 months of possible changes in the RMB exchange rate quotations, orders, but after 2008, this advance has not catch up to judge the speed of the appreciation of the RMB. Early this year, we estimate the second quarter, the RMB exchange rate against the U.S. dollar could break 7, but now the first quarter, saw this node would burst, than our 3 months ahead of schedule. March 28, the U.S. dollar against the yuans exchange rate of 7.0137, only one step away from the 7. In 2007, the RMB appreciation rate of 7% in 2008, significantly faster appreciation of the renminbi, has appreciated only a quarter of 3.9%. Exchange rate changes to include China, including Shanghai Pegasus textile and garment export enterprises great variable. If billions of dollars in exports each year calculated in accordance with the enterprise because of losses caused by the yuan appreciation may reach 10 million. A fabric factory in Wujiang, Zhejiang business manager, told reporters that exchange rate changes on export business of textile fabric not because of its short lead time, about a month, the exchange rate easier to determine; but Pegasus such as Shanghai garment export company, because the delivery period is longer, by the greater impact of exchange rate changes. Lu Longsheng admitted, Now nike huarache triple white kopen , we only do 3 months of basic orders, not take orders for the long term. RMB exchange rate together with up Haifei Ma pressure is raw cotton, cotton yarn, fabrics, processing the whole industry chain layers of conduction from the cost pressures. Shanghai Hong Crown Knitting Co., Ltd.head on Meizhen told reporters that in 2007, up 2,000 yuan per ton of raw cotton, cotton yarn prices leads; staining burning coal and other steps need to use the big oven, and coal prices from the past 200-300 yuan ton, has risen to todays more than 800 yuan ton. Rising oil prices also conducted to textile and garment export industry. The main component of chemical fiber fabrics in PTA (8128, -40.00, -0.49%, right), is refined from crude oil from, the foreign companys transportation costs are also directly related to oil prices. The implementation of the new labor law is more extensive, the whole industry chain labor costs are rising. Foreign few employees, subject to little influence on labor costs; but we are garment factories are labor-intensive enterprises, the impact on the big. Lu Longsheng said garment factory in Shanghai, Pegasus, the wages of workers average increase of 10% per person per month increased by about 100 yuan. While the rising costs is Revenue – export tax rebate, the lower. Since 2003, China has three times lower textile and garment export tax rebate. Last adjusted in July 2007, which, clothing, shoes, hats, bags and transferred to 11% from 13%, viscose fiber to 5% from 11%. Pegasus in Shanghai for the decline in tax rebates, directly reflects the decrease in operating profit. If the cost pressures can be transferred to downstream customers, then traders and manufacturers may be able to alleviate some pressur .

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