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According to Teves Facebook page

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high school graduate dreamed of becoming an art teacher and opening his own studio Fashion Style Evening Dresses , The Denver Post reported.We want to try and focus on the beautiful lives that were ended and not the evil that is responsible.This is a time for us to remember our loved ones and cherish the memories we have of them, the family said.Blunk, 26Jonathan T.Blunk was shot to death while trying to protect his girlfriend, NBC News reported.Jansen Young started dating Blunk in October.She told NBC News that Blunk threw her to the floor when the shooter launched his attack.She eventually noticed that Blunk had stopped pushing her down.I guess I didn t really know he had passed, up until I started shaking him and saying, Jon, Jon, we have to go .It s time for us to get out of here, she told NBC News.Young said she tried to lift Blunk, but he didn t move.Chantel Blunk, the 27-year-old s estranged wife, lives in Reno, Nev.with their four-year-old daughter and two-year-old son.She told NBC News that she was notified of Jon s death by the FBI.After graduating high school in 2004, Jon enlisted in the Navy.He separated from his wife, left the Navy and moved to Colorado in 2009.He always talked about if he were going to die, he wanted to die a hero, Chantel said.Matthew McQuinn, 27Matthew McQuinn dived on top of his girlfriend, Samantha Yowler, shielding her as the gunman walked calmly up the movie theatre aisle, firing at moviegoers, The Denver Post reported.Yowler was shot in the knee; her brother who also tried to protect her, escaped unharmed; but the 27-year-old from St.Paris, Ohio was fatally wounded.McQuinn graduated from Vandalia-Butler High School in 2004 and met Yowler while working at a Target store in Springfield, theDayton Daily News reported.The couple transferred to Colorado in November.Sullivan was killed on his 27th birthday.His co-workers from a Red Robin restaurant had joined him at the premiere to celebrate, but the night ended in tragedy Sweet 16 Thanksgiving Day , The Denver Post reported.Seven co-workers were injured and Sullivan died.TheDarkKnightRises OMG COUNTING down till it start cant wait going to be the best birthday ever, Sullivan posted to his Facebook page late Thursday night.Bryan Beard, who first met Sullivan during their freshman year at Grandview High School, told The Denver Post that Sullivan was a big guy like him.He was six-feet-four-inches tall and weighed about 280 pounds and played football and wrestled in high school.Sullivan attended culinary school after graduating in 2003.Sullivan should have been celebrating his one-year wedding anniversary with his wife, Cassie on Sunday, The Denver Post reported.Micayla Medek, 23Micayla Medek was working at Subway and trying to save money for a trip to India, her parents, Greg and Rena Medek told the Los Angeles Times.The parents said their youngest child of three was independent, responsible and loved Hello Kitty, hot pink, fairies, boas and Beanie Babies.I m a simple independent girl who s just trying to get her life together while still having fun, she wrote on Facebook.The brown-eyed brunette had also taken classes at Community College of Aurora.Her parents told the Los Angeles Times, that she had a warm heart and plenty of friends.I lost a precious soul, Greg Medek said.Rebecca Wingo, 32Rebecca Wingo, was killed in the movie theatre shooting.The 32-year-old reportedly worked at Joe s Crab Shack in Aurora and was the mother of two young daughters.According to The Denver Post, she was working toward an associate of arts degree at the Community College of Aurora.I lost my daughter yesterday to a mad man, my grief right now is inconsolable, I hear she died instantly, without pain, however the pain is unbearable, he wrote.Alexander Teves, 24Alexander Teves had recently earned his master s degree in counseling psychology from the University of Denver, The Denver Post reported.Friends of the 24-year-old from Phoenix posted messages about Teves on social media in the wake of the shooting.A friend Purple Quinceanera Dresses Thanksgiving Day , who goes only by Caitlin on Twitter, described Teves as a Spider-Man fan and wrote that he was, One of the best men I ever knew.The world isn t as good a place without him.According to Teves Facebook page, he graduated from the University of Arizona in 2010, and Desert Vista High School in Phoenix in 2006.Gordon Cowden, 51Gordon W.Cowden took his two teenage children to the theatre Friday night.The teenagers escaped unharmed, but Cowden became the oldest victim of the mass-shooting.His family released the following statement to The Denver Post: Loving father, outdoorsman and small business owner, Cowden was a true Texas gentleman that loved life and his family.A quick witted world traveler with a keen sense of humor, he will be remembered for his devotion to his children and for always trying his best to do the right thing, no matter the obstacle.As Jessica Bianchi began her maid of honour duties and prepared for her sister s wedding, she was floored by the accumulating cost of everything that needed to be arranged.With a view to minimize this shock for other brides, Bianchi, her sister, and a friend created Confessions of a Thrifty Bride, a social network website to help the cost-conscious bride make it through.The site includes a discussion forum for sharing advice and ideas, a Kijiji-type peer marketplace to facilitate the sale of previously-owned gowns, tableware (and everything in between), as well as Bianchi s regular advice columns.Bianchi shares some of her advice for a wedding that won t break the bank: Once you get engaged, have a really good discussion with your future husband or wife about your budget.Settle on a number you are comfortable with, and revisit it periodically throughout the year.When purchasing your dress, check out your local consignment stores and off the rack boutiques.With consignment, some of the gowns are pre-loved, but a lot haven t even been worn.You’re going to get 80 per cent off the original price, and a lot of them are no more than two y.

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RE: According to Teves Facebook page

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