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hey can no longer feed off the sweat and cause the odors

#1 by tingyu , Tue Dec 08, 2015 12:23 am

Finding the best antiperspirant deodorant can be a big job for some of us because we all have our unique makeups George Johnson Salute to Service Jersey , and what works for one person can fall flat for another. We live in a society where looking good in public goes hand in hand with smelling good, and being human; our bodies do not cooperate when it comes to being sweet smelling and daisy fresh all the time. So we have to compensate by finding a product that can stop us from sweating a lot, and keep our inherent bodily odors down to a minimum. As a result of needing to be sweet smelling and dry, the researchers in the science of armpit conditions have come up with a whole bevy of creams and sprays and gels and roll-ons in search of the best antiperspirant deodorant. The first line of defense are the deodorants because they contain the ingredients that will modify the pH of your skin to the point where the bacteria that live and party on the skin can no longer proliferate. It’s all in the chemistry where the stick deodorants especially make the skin more acidic (lower the pH) so that the bacteria’s growth is halted and they can no longer feed off the sweat and cause the odors that emanate from your armpits. The sweat itself is clear and has no inherent odor, but it’s a different story when the bacteria start to feed on it and proliferate because they are the culprits that produce the smell. Another chemistry take on the problem is to use the natural crystal sticks, because they make the skin more salty and the bacteria have trouble with that too. There are deodorants that will put antibacterials in the mix to halt the growth of the bacteria as well. Now antiperspirants are a different story. They are not designed to handle anything to do with the smell or odors that are associated with armpits; their job is to stop the sweating and not allow the sweat to reach the surface of the skin so the bacteria have no access to the sweat. Chemically, the action that takes place is the aluminum salts that are in the antiperspirants literally plug the pores in the skin and when the pores are filled or closed, the sweat cannot escape and the bacteria have nothing to feed on. It is a challenge to find the best antiperspirant deodorant in this war on bacteria and sweat and have it work effectively without hurting us in the process. Now, if you are an unlucky member of the percentage of humans in the world that produce so much sweat and resulting bacterial action that your odor cloud precedes you for miles; then you already know that you need something stronger than the average over the counter antiperspirant deodorant combos and you are still searching for the best antiperspirant deodorant that can solve the problem. Your answer probably lies in obtaining the services of a physician and have him prescribe something much stronger like Odaban, or DrySol. These combos are designed to help the folks who need a little more bang for their buck when it comes to odor control and sweat reduction. There are also avenues other than topical products that can be used such as surgery to separate the nerves that control the sweat glands from the spinal column so the sweating is stopped by that method; and there are also doctors who will perform Botox injections in the skin of the underarms so that the sweat glands are paralyzed temporarily and the sweating is stopped that way. As we all participate in this lifelong search to find the best antiperspirant deodorant, we also are met with some real health concerns when it comes to using products on the skin that actually contain aluminum, which has been implicated in the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Also, if we are plugging up pores right and left, and stopping the natural course of action of allowing the sweat to flow; are we also trapping toxins in our bodies that would cause breast cancer. After many years of research, and much investigation into these concerns, the answer to both is a resounding “no”. So you can rest easy, that these products are not incriminated in either of these scenarios. So the search for the best antiperspirant deodorant on the market today comes down to this; which one out of the many that are on the market shelves is the best and will do its job the most effectively. The final kudos go to Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant which is tied in first place with Secret Platinum Protection and the two of them are followed by Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Deodorant. The top three contenders all do the job well of keeping sweat down to a minimum so you feel dry most of the time, and they control odor very well also. There is enough to worry about today in life with all that is going on with the economy, your every day concerns and the fast pace of life in general; so the last thing you need to be concerning yourself with is whether or not you are personally protected against sweat staining your clothes and body odor. Do a little research of your own, find the best antiperspirant deodorant that works well with your body chemistry, and stick with it. You’ll find your daily routine will be that much easier to maintain if you at least have this worry under control so you don’t even really have to think about it, and your level of confidence will be unshakeable. Take control by learning how you can get rid of excessive sweating naturally and find the best antiperspirant deodorant.
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