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Along with being the delight of Cuba

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GONGHE Marcedes Lewis Jersey , China, July 9 (Xinhua) -- Pourseyedigolakhour Mirsamad from Iran's Tabriz Petrochemical Team (TPT) triumphed Tuesday at the third stage of the 12th Tour de Qinghai Lake, putting on the yellow jersey. His teammate Amir Kolahdozhagh got the second place.

Mirsamad was also awarded the blue jersey which represents the best Asian rider.

The green jersey, symbol of the best sprinter, was still kept by Luis Mas Bonet from Spain's Burgos BH-Castilla Leon (BUR).

The third stage started at Hainan Tibetan Prefecture's Guide County and finished at Qinghai Lake's 151 Base that located in Gonghe County, covering a total distance of 148 kilometers.

During the four-and-half-hour race, the maximum altitude of which topped 3,757 meters above sea level, the cyclists went through an extreme weather condition that included dense fog, heavy wind and rain.

"This stage posed a great challenge to riders' climbing skills," said Kolahdozhagh, "this is exactly what we have been trained for." His teammate Mirsamad, the yellow jersey holder, also ascribed the team's success to the good cooperation with one anther.

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The number of cigar fans has gradually been increasing with cigar turning out to be stylish, once again. These are made in several parts of the world; however the most preferred sorts are Cuban cigars or Havana cigars; as they are usually identified. In the midst of the large number of Cuban cigars running around in the market, one should really be careful in buying Cuban cigars.

A few Cuban cigar brands have turn into being a lot famous. Along with being the delight of Cuba, quite a few have turn out to be a common lingo amid its aficionados, the world over. To honor one of our much loved (Cohiba cigars), we will provide you some information on what sets it apart.


Cohiba has a typical history that adds to the charm of the brand. This cigar was produced out of the special cigar tastes of Castro, and his backing made this as a cherished brand. It is out of the ordinary in more ways than one, like it has an additional third fermentation, providing it a unique smoothness.

Fidel Castro discovered Cohiba via one of his bodyguards who was smoking an especially sweet-smelling cigar. After trying it, he turned out to be its major supporter. It was made by a local artisan. Castro ordered that it goes into manufacturing following the formula of this small time producer. From there onwards, it was made from the best tobacco in Cuba and was treated with exceptional care, since the brand is the delight of the communist government.

In next to no time, it became award-winning, partially since it was just offered to the influential in the Castro government. A few were given these as gifts in political settings. It was not until 1982 that it was out for the common public.

In an odd turnaround, General Cigar Company, a group not associated to the.

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