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Ralph lauren polos shirts is a short-sleeved pullover Munenori Kawasaki Jersey , neck movement under the front door open and with buttons. &lady texture is generally 100% cotton fabric are nets, tabby knitting form. &lady's long history, as one paragraph numbered can keep the classical since keep wearing the costume design, with its classical cheap ralph lauren polos is the design, by a paragraph of sport clothes, evolved into today we most often wear one of design.

1, originated: jersey unlined upper garment

wholesale ralph lauren polos originated in the 19th century. First is by worsted wool knitting, due to weave locations in British overseas jersey island, therefore earliest called jersey jersey shirt, but also unlined upper garment (jerseys pronoun), it is used for football, boating and other sports clothes. Why this sweater into the Polo sports do? So necessary to introduce Polo movement (Polo) the history:

2, molding: British polo shirts

alph lauren polos wholesale movement (Polo) originated in the 7th century Persian, during the next centuries inside spread to the east. Its name comes from India, in local Indian, people play a Tibetan language named pulu wooden ball. Later, as the British India occupiers will this movement back to Great Britain.

In Victorian times, Polo, sport suit include: white flannel trousers and white tennis sweater to cause sweating () and a piece of white shirt collarband neat (later in order to put the shirt collarband outside with buttons)

Later, jersey unlined upper garment gradually took the old-fashioned Polo shirt, new shirt neck down, a discount brought or lapel and long sleeve, five goals in collar buttons order right in the middle of the front. This new shirts with long-term prevails in Richmond park and the British polo always represent the polo fields.

3, pop: France EYuPai tennis unlined upper garment

19th century and the early 20th century Miguel Montero Jersey , due to the rules need, tennis need to wear long sleeve shirt and tie. In 1926, a short-sleeved by French tennis champion Rene Lacoste (le) introduction, LaKeSi inside ·, in addition, he also invented serve machines and metal racket. Le Lacoste has "Crocodile" (Crocodile) the nickname, the nickname from probably he stadium in the offense, also comes from his unusual long nose, another statement is, in 1923 American game before Lacoste and teammates, bet, if he won the game, he would have bought in a shop in a Crocodile skin look suitcase, then he lost, didn't buy that fishskin suitcase, so his teammates that he Crocodile.

The most successful Lauren showed fashion is one of the architects of the design concept, he from life's experience, while in the American spirit Lauren showed insist, not only will the essence of American leisure, more will be classical went global elegant demeanor into design, simple, easy collocation, real wear the ralph lauren polos women more become known the classic.

Due to the consistent &lady style, so he became the biggest comfort of choose and buy points. &lady close-fitting wear in the body Kris Bryant Jersey , must let you feel comfortable, can the permeability can absorb sweat to just go. So, the fabric need very fastidious.

When the choose and buy clothes look use is what cotton fabrics have after combed the arrangement, and presence of detail hairiness and 40 cigarettes double yarn structure is the best, he closely bouncy, enduring bead to organize, particle satiated, not changeful form.

For the design of your own Lacoste earliest shirt collarband and has little ribbed ribbed short sleeves, garment body longer, so in the fierce competition in the outside, the shirt is not easy to fall off the placket buttons structure is from polo shirts.

In the first paragraph of white EYuShan immediately in tennis field caused a revolution, replaced at tennis athletes usually wear long-sleeved shirt wool sizing traditional. This type of shirt is a little shorter than at other types of shirt, stiff collar with short sleeves, lighter, weaving fine texture "small tabby fabrics of cotton one-side felt". Its wear comfortable, firmly wear-resisting advantages has been remains, make EYuShan become extraordinary, unique brand.

4 and popularize: from the tennis, ralph lauren polos sale, golf, sailing jerseys to mass leisure sports

In 1926, Robert George Lacoste artist friends for he designed the crocodile badge, Lacoste in sports jacket has the mark. In 1929 Lacoste decided to his jersey with the famous trademark line promotion.

In 1933, with France was the biggest Lacoste knitting enterprise President cobolli gigli andrei Evans cooperation created company. The company mainly produces Lacoste for his original design Kosuke Fukudome Jersey , with a crocodile symbol of knitted shirts, and some other suitable for tennis, golf, sailing shirts. Lacoste pioneered will trademark logo located in clothing external precedent. Such procedure then got big brands in emulated. In 1933, EYuShan in French open sales, it immediately became the 1930s pop of men's clothing, 1952, EYuShan sold the United States, even the President Eisenhower also began in his senior golf tournament sport dress in EYuShan.

From 20th century 70's starts, the EYuShan more popular, popular, the man in children, teenager, "the crocodile" is a sign of good quality, with EYuShan is a status, said the way they wear different dragging out; bottom: Rib brought our open up, In the 1980s, collar was turned down, buttons buckle, Women also wear male companion clothing. EYuShan American middle-class closet is the main styles, but also tennis unlined up锘? Beginning.

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