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Real wood floor

#1 by happywork , Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:01 pm

break through the visual routine, after the wood grain processing, exterior plastic wood wall panels wholesale in nakuru,kenya the natural surface of the floor surface lines, bringing intuitive feel is doubly healthy. Second, the real wood core health from the "core." 3E real wood floor using the world's top technology production process, the "floor core" for the 100% of the use of wood fiber. For this reason, a healthy "core" ensures that the floor will not release contaminants. It is also well-launched health from Whirlpool "core" to start the production and consumption concept, really reflects the health of consumers love the feelings of Whirlpool. best composite decking in germany Composite Lumber For Sale In Spain[/url] Third, the real health floor formaldehyde emission close to zero. At present, the test to strengthen the health of the floor or the highest standard is the release of formaldehyde.

This time, Whirlpool launched the 3E real wood floor, the implementation is the world's most stringent standards in the same floor E0 level, that is, 3E real wood floor formaldehyde emission of less than 0.5 mg / liter, which is close to "Zero" (E0 level is less than 0.5mg / L), leading the market on the floor for many years the technical level. In addition, Whirlpool 3E real wood floor also has a "self-cleaning function." The floor can automatically inhibit bacteria and microbial regeneration, and keep the floor clean state. inexpensive deck railing ideas To sum up, Whirlpool 3E real wood is really "from the inside out" of the whole health floor, is really concerned about the consumer's floor, is the original consumer pursuit of natural health concept of the human division of the main move. inexpensive ways to cover old concrete patio Deck Planter Box Plans[/url] Full health floor consumption, Whirlpool 3E real wood began.

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