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Marlins Could Bring Ichiro Back In 2016 - RealGM Wiretap
The Miami Marlins have had internal discussions about re-signing Ichiro Suzuki for the 2016 season.

Dan Jennings called the 41-year-old the "most prepared player" he's been around and a good example for Miami's young players.

Ichiro has hit well enough this season to remain a fourth outfielder. He's hitting .289.342.338 in 155 plate appearances.

First let's get your head straight.... Overcoming the fear of rejection is a big hurdle to climb over as a new network marketer.I've been there Lucas Digne Jersey , and I know how painful the process can be, but it's unavoidable. The truth is that by choosing to be an entrepreneur you've signed up to hear more people say no to you than yes.You have to be focused, trained, and present. No one ever died from prospecting and dealing with objections! Guess what? Neither will you. But, what I'm about to share, will help to alleviate some of the pain. Call it, Motrin for prospecting. If you follow these 5 strategies you're gonna love prospecting, you'll wake up every morning excited to listen to anyone who's willing to talk! Did you get that? Strategy ONE: Be Prepared to LISTEN Get out of the Freaking WAY!!!!! Always ask yourself, "Who wants my help today?"Helping is LISTENING. Therefore prospecting is LISTENING. Prospecting starts in your head, you have to change your mindset, and your own internal belief system before you can attempt to reach out and connect with people. Your intention should always be to see if there's a need and if you have a way to fill it. If your intention is to sign someone up and get them into your business before you even talk to them, you're not listening. I call it phone'ing it in, people can tell if you don't really care. Network marketers are in the business of problem solving, listen for a problem, then offer a solution. Strategy TWO: Build Rapport Build rapport by asking questions.If you're asking questions, you're winning! Always have the ball in your court. Get to know what makes your prospect tick by building rapport.I recommend trying the FORM formula. F-Family: "How are the kids, wife, grandma Leandro Paredes Jersey , dog...etc" (LISTEN and take notes if you have a bad memory) O stands for Occupation: "What are you doing to pay the bills?" R stands for Recreation: "What do you do in your spare time?" M-Motivation: "Besides money, what are you looking for in a home based business?" (My favorite question!) Tip 3: Confront Objections Head On This tip helped me produce over $60,000 worth of sales in only 2 months! The goal after building rapport is to begin aking questions that will help to qualify your prospect. These questions are designed, if used properly, to help your prospect decided to buy on his own. Here are four powerful questions that address: I have no Time or This isn't the right timingI'm not ready to CommittI don't have any SupportCan you really make Money doing this or I don't have any money. 1. "If given the opportunity to collaborate with our team, how much TIME are you willing to commit?" 2. "Commitment is very important to our teams structure, it's one of the reasons we've seen individual and collective success, how committed are you to your own dreams, and can you commit to a team?" "How long will you give yourself to work towards your dream?" 3. "Do you have a support system?" "How do they feel?" 4. "Do you have working capitol to get started with your network marketing business?" Tip 4: U-turn If the person you're talking to doesn't have a pulse get off the phone! If they passed it's now your turn to offer a solution.Rinse through what your prospects needs are and repeat them back, so he knows you were listening. For example: "Mr. Prospect you said you only had 15 hrs a week to commit to your business, that's great, Jim who is in my team, was a teacher prior, did just that and replaced his teachers salary in 6 months with our company." Only now do you talk business, but keep it short and let your presentation explain the details. Strategy FIVE: Lead With Confidence! Always give your prospect a task to complete. You've got your prospects attention now, give two options. "I'd like to have youas my guest on a private webcast at 5pm Today or 5pm Tomorrow, which will work better for you?" Always try to send them to a live presentation first, if that's not available then use a scheduled webcast Leandro Castan Jersey , and if you don't have either send them to your replicated website as a last resort. Then schedule your follow up. After a propect has seen a presentation, always open with, "What was your favorite part?" Everyone has a little anxiety about getting started, sometimes a prospect just needs to be reminded about his answers to TCSM to make a final decision, but never be pushy! After your prospects positive response, simply say, "Well it's sounds like you're ready to get started!" Then be quiet, and remember whoever talks first is the loser. Author's Resource Box Be a leader, thats really what people want. Be yourself, be unique, and set the temperature. Practice, study, and visit my site>> SloaneKetcham for all your practical network marketing tips and strategies. Overcoming Network Marketing Objections will become second nature if you do it everyday. I wish you prosperity and success in all your endeavors.Article Source: Report FBI Focusing On 4 5 Cardinals Employees In Hacking Scandal - RealGM Wiretap

The FBI investigation of the St. Louis Cardinals for allegedly hacking into the database of the Houston Astros is expected to end soon, according to people familiar with the situation.

The suspects had been narrowed to a group of four to five individuals within the Cardinals organization, according to one source.

How harshly Major League Baseball punishes the Cardinals will likely depend on how high knowledge of t.

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