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Indians Kipnis Discussed Extension Previous Two Springs - RealGM Wiretap
The Cleveland Indians reached an agreement on a long-term extension with Jason Kipnis last week chaussure adidas boost , but this spring wasn't the first time the topic was broached.

The two sides engaged in talks the two previous springs, but reached the regular season without an agreement both years. The third time proved to be the charm, even if Kipnis became more costly after a breakout 2013 season.

"I hate to say it, but if they could've come up a couple million from their previous offers the last two years, they probably could have had me for a lot cheaper," Kipnis said.

"But when you put together a good season like that, your value goes up. I think both sides were eager to get something done and it worked out well this spring."

Yankees Phillies Have Discussed Marlon Byrd - RealGM Wiretap

Nothing is imminent, but the New York Yankees have discussed Marlon Byrd with the Philadelphia Phillies.

New York would like to add a hitter and have also looked at Josh Willingham of the Minnesota Twins.

Byrd doesn't have the Yankees on his no-trade clause, but the club doesn't like his $8 million salary for next season.

Happy 10th Anniversary Iraq Invasion! March 31, 2013 | Author: Charles Edmund Coyote | Posted in Politics

Most wars are preventable. We will be able to remember the Iraq War of 2003 just as the greatest strategic blunder in US history only if we are willing to learn the ample lessons that unfortunate and mismanaged leadership provided, and thus become able to avoid making even worse mistakes in the future.

The Iraq War of 2003, along with its Afghan counterpart, will continue to have, serious consequences for our economy. To date adidas boost pas cher , both wars have cost the US government $1.42 trillion. However, when we include the interest that will be paid on the huge amounts of money that was borrowed to pay for them, as well as the veterans benefits and long-term disability costs of the 2.8 million military personnel that served, the cost of these wars will eventually reach at least $4-$5 trillion over the next half-century of pay-outs.

This is slightly higher than the cost range for World War II and a very far cry from the $4-$5 billion incurred by the Afghan field operations in Oct-Dec 2001. If the Bush administration had not passed on the opportunities presented to eliminate Mullah Omar, Osama bin Laden, and Ayman al-Zawahiri just a few months after September 11, the war would had been brought to swift conclusion with the decimation of al-Qaeda.

This shocking figures become even more appalling when one considers how relatively little it would have cost the nation for the Bush administration to have taken seriously the many warnings coming into the nation’s capital before the attacks of September 11. Ordering commercial airline cockpit doors to be reinforced while in flight would have done much more to secure the whole nation’s safety than simply ordering private jet flights for a select few cabinet officials due to the ‘enhanced threat assessment’ in place, which clearly indicated that the attacks would involve airplanes!

Such a little step of applying commercial airline cockpit doors – appropriate in light of the circumstances – would have saved the lives of the nearly 3,000 killed in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania. A serious investigation into the tragedy was prevented by the terms of the Bush administration’s Victim’s Compensation Fund, which used US taxpayer money to pay an average of $1.8 million to each of the 911 victim families willing to sign an agreement not to sue, and thus force disclosure of the extensive negligence and security breaches that led to the tragic 911 events.

Was Bush’s Mission really accomplished? Al-Qaeda’s goal in carrying out its attacks on American soil was to force the US government to drain the country financially by forcing it into a war. In that, George W. Bush was more than happy to comply not only with the Afghan war but the Iraq war as well!

Iraq nike roshe run yeezy grise , of course, has now a new strongman leader – Shia instead of the secular Sunni, who had once provided Iraq’s people free medical care and education through the university level, as well as religious tolerance, and rights for women. Now that the US is gone, the new Iraq leaders have been busy strengthening their ties with Iran and contracting to sell most of their oil to China.

This wrong side up accomplishment was purchased at the cost of nearly 7,000 US dead in both wars along with about 200,000 to 1 Million dead civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as 3 Million orphans and rapidly rising rates for birth defects in this country.

As the Vice-President of Iraq asked, rhetorically, in the opening days of the Iraq war, ‘What is George Bush trying to do, create an entire generation of terrorists?’

As Edward R. Murrow once observed, “The obscure we see eventually. The completely obvious adidas adizero feather boost femme , it seems, takes longer”. Incredibly oblivious to the facts, there are still those that want to maintain Bush kept us safe from terrorism.

What planet have these seceded to – Delusionus?

At least, with all the government spending, a lot of people in Washington D.C. have been doing handsomely.

The Iraq War of 2003 encapsulates much of what has gone wrong with aggressive neo-conservative foreign policies. Its lessons are made most clear within the perspectives of the philosophers of War, particularly Sun Tzu and America’s own Colonel John Boyd, which provide a sharp aid in understanding the Bush administration’s unfortunate choices.

China, for example, having only a $140 Billion per year defense budget, invests most of its capital into the development of its own economy. It leaves enough, however,.

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