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Judge Denies Dodgers Attempt To Get MLB Docs - RealGM Wiretap A Delaware judge has denied a motion by the Dodgers asking him to order MLB to turn over documents in the team聮s bankruptcy case http://www.teamnflgiantsstore.com/authentic-odell-beckham-jr-giants-jersey/ , according to an Associated Press report. Judge Kevin Gross agreed with the league Thursday that the information the team was seeking was irrelevant to the immediate issue of the team聮s proposed bankruptcy financing plan. Yankees Activate Beltran From DL; Send Down Refsnyder - RealGM Wiretap
Upon activating Carlos Beltran from the DL, the Yankees have sent down rookie second baseman Rob Refsnyder, who had become something of a fan favorite despite playing in just four games.

The decision means that Stephen Drew returns as the Yankees' starting second baseman, at least for the time being.

Ricketts Cubs Will Win A WS At Wrigley Field - RealGM Wiretap

Chicago Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts says that the framework for a deal to renovate Wrigley Field will bring a World Series to a fan base that hasn't seen a championship since 1908.

The agreement was reached with the city of Chicago.

"This massive investment will help us generate the resources we need for our baseball operations to develop championship-caliber players," Ricketts said at a news conference at Wrigley. "If this plan is approved, we will win the World Series for our fans and our city.

"We need this project in order to bring our fans a winner."

The framework of the deal includes a $500 million face-lift for the second-oldest park in the majors.

'now's Your Inning! Stand The World On Its Ear! Set It Spinning! That'll Be Just The Beginning!' The | A Self-Improvement Article by Dr. Jeffrey Lant. Author鈥檚 program note. For my entire life, now creeping close to 7 decades, I have made the study of successful people my metier. I have surrounded myself by them锟?scrutinized them (as upclose and personal as possible)锟?I have dissected, emulated, researched and dogged their heels the better to understand why some folks make it, not just having but living their expansive dreams, whilst for others http://www.teamnflgiantsstore.com/authentic-nikita-whitlock-giants-jersey/ , the overwhelming majority of others, success is never any closer than a word in the dictionary, an elusive chimera to be wondered at, never seized or enjoyed. Well, the cavalry has just arrived, the heavy guns, the Marines锟?all wrapped up in one unstoppable guy with sap to spare; that would be me. You鈥檝e crossed into my territory now and here the writ than runs is mine锟?and its message is clear, unmistakable, pure, unadulterated: unqualified success is the goal锟?and your unqualified attention is absolutely required, every minute you say you want success. Each word that follows, every sentence will http://www.teamnflgiantsstore.com/authentic-nat-berhe-giants-jersey/ , if followed religiously, advance your success. By the same token, your failure to follow these essential words ensures your success is diminished, degraded, diluted; not merely lessened but unachievable. Today鈥檚 music, the sound of success. Want to expedite your success? Then use all five senses. See it. Touch it. Taste it. Smell it锟?and hear it. For this you need music, bold, audacious, in your face, 锟絣ead, follow, or get out of the way锟? The music Jule (pronounced Ju-Lee) Styne composed and for which lyricist extraordinaire Stephen Sondheim worked his magic is what I鈥檝e got in mind. This song is 锟紼verything鈥檚 Coming Up Roses锟?from the 1959 Broadway musical 锟紾ypsy: A Musical Fable锟? This is not merely a song. It is an acute http://www.teamnflgiantsstore.com/authentic-michael-strahan-giants-jersey/ , strident, even chilling declaration about what success entails, costs, and what you must do including the obsessive megalomania that is so very much a part of the upward trajectory. The song was originally written for Ethel Merman (1908-1984). Both Styne and Songheim, while recognizing Merman鈥檚 vocal power and range had doubts about her for this number. After all, she had risen to stardom via Cole Porter鈥檚 smooth, glib, witty, sophisticated genius. Porter (1891-1964) was the petted heir to a multi-million dollar fortune from Miles Laboratories. He never had to work; never wanted for money, for anything. Every time America belched and took an Alka-Seltzer Porter鈥檚 net worth increased. Thus Porter鈥檚 sophisticated genius, realized by Merman, enlivened the Roaring Twenties parties of the night before http://www.teamnflgiantsstore.com/authentic-marshall-newhouse-giants-jersey/ , whilst the tablets they took the morning after made him richer and richer still. His songs, therefore, were chic,clever, delightful, delicious, delectable, delovely锟?but that was not what Styne and Songheim wanted from Merman鈥檚 rendition of Mama Rose, and they were afraid she could not rise to the occasion which called for the singer to deliver the smell of rancid sweat, gnawing hunger, bills not paid, midnight despair http://www.teamnflgiantsstore.com/authentic-mark-herzlich-giants-jersey/ , anxieties galore and profound fears锟?and from these unlikely, even toxic ingredients produce a bona fide anthem to soaring, glorious, success and all the sacrificing it took to get it. Go now to any search engine and play Merman鈥檚 triumphant rendition锟?particularly in the half dozen lines at the end of this masterpiece; 锟紼verything鈥檚 coming up roses and daffodils:..锟? Play this song when you want the authentic sound of success. You鈥檒l hear just what you must do. Are you ready to get started? Mirror, mirror锟? Look at yourself in the looking glass. Put that face you think you know so well under the most precise and unrelenting of microscopes. Then ask yourself this absolutely essential question: Do you look like a success? Successful people have a look, an aura, that unmistakable je ne sais quoi that so clearly indicates that they are in possession of a vital insight that you probably don鈥檛 have 锟? yet. This insight is a cocktail of key ingredients, each one necessary, none expendable.. Look in the mirror now to see what you鈥檙e working with. Do you look alive? Do you look confident? Do you look like someone who projects a 锟絚an-do锟?aura? Or do you look like someone who鈥檚 let himself go锟?someone who would rather be in bed锟?.

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