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describing the physical http://www.teamnfleaglesshop.com/AUTHENTIC-MIKE-QUICK-EAGLES-JERSEY/ , personality, and temperamental territorial characteristics of Purrfect and Sophie, I can explain the bizarre relationship, or lack thereof, between two exceptionally spoiled pets. Logically, a huge cat can easily subdue a teensy weensy dog. Stereotypically, dogs torment cats. However, Purrfect and Sophie are anything but typical.

Uncommonly tall, Purrfect is also exceptionally lean. His agility is amazing. He leaps approximately five feet to reach his favorite snoozing place atop the entertainment armoire. We tell unbelieving friends he is a flying cat. Witnesses agree. In addition, he stands on his hind legs in the attempt to open the front door with his paws. Being raised alongside a toddler, Perfect also learns to quickly vacate when the children become too amorous.

Growing up with energetic children, Purrfect learns self-preservation tactics. Sometimes http://www.teamnfleaglesshop.com/AUTHENTIC-MARK-SANCHEZ-EAGLES-JERSEY/ , hugs and cuddles resemble restrictive imprisonment. Usually he escapes via an upward flight to the highest perch. As an animal lover, I insist the children respect his safe zone. Nonetheless, he loves the children. I suspect he feels my children belong to him instead of him belonging to my children.

When the children play outside, he cries at the door until they return. After our outings, Purrfect races to the door in greeting. In addition to thinking we belong to him, we suspect Purrfect feels human. He eats a strange assortment of people food. As special treats, he prefers broccoli cheese soup and Arby's roast beef instead of his boring and ordinary cat food. Also, like many humans, he loves to snuggle beneath the covers in slumber on a chilly night.

Similar to a person, Purrfect feels obligated to protect his domain. Despite being a sissy and hiding under the bed during a thunderstorm, he hisses at the mail lady. Currently undefeated, he successfully confronts any cat with the gall to invade his territory. Once http://www.teamnfleaglesshop.com/AUTHENTIC-MARCUS-SMITH-EAGLES-JERSEY/ , I mistakenly let my mom's wayward cat in the house. Before she fetches him, fur literally begins to fly.

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