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Shandong Sunshine floor

#1 by happywork , Thu Nov 17, 2016 12:09 am

(Beijing) Flooring Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"), and the "EO" Eco Outdoor Wall Panel Supplier combination as the logo posted on the product or product packaging behavior, Exclusive right of registered trademark. At the same time, in accordance with the above laws and regulations, sales of registered trademark infringement of goods, also belong to the infringement of the exclusive right to use registered trademark. Pan Yongjian introduced the domestic well-known flooring brand Shengda, all just Erde, Santa Rona and so on EO trademark licensing and Rhine Sunshine reached a cooperation agreement on the understanding of the situation. Finally, Germany Kenuo Wood Industry Co., Ltd., general manager of Shandong Sunshine floor, cheap alternative patio build Mr. Bi Ming made a brief statement,Because.

on this day, Whirlpool floor to break the record of Yunnan building materials history, creating a history of Yunnan building materials sales of the biggest myth. One day, attracting 1,200 people into the store, signed a single 368, a total sales of 36,introduction of wood plastic floor tiles 760 square meters, this series full of strength and charm of the figures, will mark the Whirlpool floor, Whirlpool flooring flagship store has just flow , The audience joy. It is understood that on the 30th day, Whirlpool floor Yunfang flagship store received a total of 1,200 passengers, the successful signing of 368 single, about the total number of 26,760 square meters, this series of legendary data for the floor sector.

Are tantamount to astronomical figures, but Whirlpool has done, and this a monument deeply rooted in the center of Yunnan building materials industry hinterland. Strategizing, winning thousands of miles through the ages, only stand high, fences made from wood pallets can only see far. Over the years, Whirlpool floor has been standing in the internationalization of the brand strategy of the base, based in China, global. From the heart of the call from Europe to introduce the first piece of laminate flooring so far, more than 11 years. In the past 10 years.

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