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laser cutter with 1300*900mm working area

#1 by pingfan ( Guest ) , Thu Dec 01, 2016 4:16 pm

You need look no further for a cost-effective CO2 laser engraver. Contact us now for ... 40w CO2 Laser Engraver cutter/engraver ... 1300 x 900mm working area.I am looking to purchase a laser cutting machine to cut 1.5. ... but with cover fiber laser cutting machine for auto parts
working area will be bigger such as 1300*1300mm,1300*900mm,...Acrylic plate board laser cutting machine Cutting of acrylic AD decoration ... Cutting area, 1300*900mm, 1300*900mm ... honycomb or Knife board work tableJul 8, 2016 ... laser cutting engraving machine 80w for metal products ... laser cutting machine 1300*900mm 80W high speed granite stone laser engraving machine. ... 36 in. working area with 80W up to 200W & can be used for Laser...cheap 40w laser cutting and engraving machine 6040 with motorized up and down working ... Different working hot sale economical fiber laser cutting machine price
area for your choose: 600*400mm, 900*600mm, 1200*900mm, 1300*900mm, 1400*900mm, 1600*1000mm, 1300*2500mm,...Cutting any graphics within working area of 1500mm×3000mm (or 1300X2500mm, ... Cutting area. 1500mm x 3000mm, 1300mm x 2500mm, 1300mm x 900mm.High 400Z CNC Router Machine with 1500*3000mm Working Area ... Economic 1300*900mm Co2 Laser Cutting Machine with 80W EFR Laser Tube.Laser power. 60W 80W 100W 130W 150W. Cutting area. 1300*900mm. Engraving speed. 0-24,000mm/min. Resetting accuracy. ±0.05mm. Working voltage.Wood 1300 × 900mm 80W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine With Red Dot , Auto - Focus Main Configuration: 150w laser engraving machine Max. Working yag 750w laser cutting machine in turkry for hardware
Area:...SD-1390. Wattage. 150W/180W. Laser Source. Sealed CO2 Laser. Cooling. Water Cooled. Working Area. 1300*900mm. Dimensions (W x L x H). 1160Tall x...



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