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The A in LISAN reminds you to be an ACTIVE listener. Listening is not just soaking up sound. To be an effective listener, you need to be active and not passive. This can be done in a couple or ways:

First, use the situation in the classroom for active listening. Sit close enough (front 13 of the room Joe Montana Jersey , near center) to see and hear the teacher as well as be seen and heard by him. Remember, the further away you are from the teacher, the greater the chance of not being able to hear everything correctly. An empty room is easy to hear sounds in, but when that room is filled with others, sound tends to get "consumed" and lost the further it is from its source. Add to that normal classroom noises, outside noises Jerry Rice Jersey , fans and air conditioning units, heaters, etc., and the chances of hearing the entire lecture properly decreases.

Second, retain eye contact. The eyes can add a lot to the story. A teacher can tell whether you're "getting it" or not simply by looking at you, especially Deion Sanders Jersey , your eyes. And, it is quite difficult to fall asleep when looking someone directly in the eyes, so your ability to concentrate should increase!

Third, let the teacher know you are listening. Ask and answer questions to nodding in understanding or smiling appropriately at your instructor's attempts at humor.

Fourth, ask questions for active listening.

Fifth, resist distractions. Keep reminding yourself that you are listening to someone else. Keep your brain focused and fill in what you think they mean.

Six Blaine Gabbert Jersey , use thought speed. Your mind works much faster than the speaker can talk; some studies report that the rate of the brain is almost 4 times that of regular speech, which often explains why daydreaming during a lecture occurs so often. Anticipate and sum up what has been said. Anticipate where the instructor is going with the lecture.

Seven, fight back against distractions. If necessary, sit apart from friends or other classmates that might distract you. Do not sit at the back of the room or near the door; hallway noises and noises from other classrooms are more common at these points.

The N is LISAN reminds you to take NOTES. In everyday conversation we mentally interpret, classify, and summarize what is said. In classroom learning Colin Kaepernick Jersey , we do this more effectively by keeping written notes. Taking notes helps us to "hear" by providing organization to what we are hearing. It is quite difficult to listen to and remember unorganized and unrelated bits of information.

One, if you heard someone shout out "nd, tckl, grd, cntr, hlf bk Carlos Hyde Jersey , fl bk, qrtr bk" you would find it tricky to listen and remember it.

Two, staying organized is the key to effective listening and remembering. The above letters are the names of player positions on a football team with the vowels omitted.

Third note taking is the way you find the orderliness. Good note taking means "getting" the underlying structure of what is heard, discovering the skeleton of ideas on which the professor has built his lesson.

Fourth and finally, good note taking is eighty percent listening and twenty percent writing, so don't ever worry about your penmanship or writing getting in the way of listening.
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Rangers Wont Trade Neal Cotts - RealGM Wiretap

Neal Cotts will not be traded by the Texas Rangers NaVorro Bowman Jersey , according to a report.

Cotts was recently claimed by an unknown club, giving the Rangers and the team 48 hours to work out a deal.

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