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fiber laser 1kw 2kw cutting machine

#1 by pingfan ( Guest ) , Sun Dec 04, 2016 5:47 pm

The first production of Durmazlar was a manual sheet cutting machine. Nowadays Durmazlar is ... 1kw YLS 1000 2kw YLS 2000 3kw YLS 3000 4kw YLS 4000 ... 1 kW fiber laser cuts as fast cnc shearing machine cutting machine for hardware
as 3kW CO2 in the range of 1-3mm stainless steel.Nov 13, 2013 ... As a manufacturer of CO2 laser cutting machines with output power from 2.2 to 6 kW and true fiber laser machines ranging from 2 to 4 kW,...TCI Cutting laser cutting machines are equipped with resonators sourced from market leader ... Laser sources - IPG Fiber Laser Resonator 1000w to 6000w.NF PRO VENTO FIBER LASER CUTTING Machine ... been using a 1kW resonator you can decide to change it to 2kW and you just have to add new modules.Welding and cutting with fiber lasers by TRUMPF. ... Applications over 1kW usually require larger cutting kerfs to expel the molten metal, or slightly larger spots to...Nukon Fiber Laser Cutting Machine - Moore Machine 3d laser metal cutting machine for metal products
Tools. Nukon Fiber Laser Cutting .... (ie; from 1kW resonator to 2kW resonator). The laser beam is relayed...Dual circuit water chiller CW-6500 for 2KW fiber laser ... 3 * 100w CO2 laser tubes; 2016-08-01 S&A water cooler CW-3000 for Laser engraving cutting machine...Professional Manufacturer of Metal Laser Cutting Machine / Flatbed Laser Cutting Machine / Galvo ... 500W 1KW 2KW Fiber Laser Cutting Metal MachineBy utilizing its fiber laser cutting technology, this machine can combine many processes onto ... YLS seires 1kw IPG laser 3d laser cutting machine in turkry for auto parts
power source (2kw & 3kw optional)...500W 1kw carbon steelstainless sheet metal cnc fiber laser cutting machine price .... 500W 700W 1kw,2kw,3kw, 4kw metal sheet fiber cnc laser metal cutting.



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