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Requirements on Truck Crane Safe Operation

#1 by sanyglobal , Thu Dec 08, 2016 10:24 pm

Safety is always the most important thing that will never been overemphasized during the Truck Crane operation. Only if the safety of the people and machines involved are guaranteed, can the engineering construction be of positive significance. Here, we would like to share some requirements on truck crane safe operation with you. Sany German

1.When the driver takes in his shift, he shall check the crane brakes, hooks, steel wire ropes and safety devices. Any abnormality shall be eliminated before the formal operation. 2. Before starting the truck crane, the driver must sound the bell or give an alarm. When the Crane Trucks at work approaches other persons, the driver shall also sound the intermittent bell or give an alarm.3. The driver shall conduct the operation in compliance with the command signals. Mobile Tower Crane The driver shall stop the truck crane immediately, no matter whoever sends out the emergency stop signal.

When conducting the operation, the driver shall abide by the following requirements: The driver must not operate the truck crane when feeling physically or mentally uncomfortable or after drinking wine; Construction Crane It is forbidden to adjust the brakes of lifting and slewing systems when the truck crane is laden; The load lifted shall not be passed over the personnel, and no person shall stand under the boom; it is forbidden to carry out the check and maintenance when the truck crane works; if the weight lifted load approaches or reaches the rated lifting capacity of truck crane, the driver shall check the brakes before lifting the load, perform the trial lifting with short height and trip, and then stably execute the formal lifting. Cranes for Sale

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