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Red Sox Announce Signing Of Edward Mujica - RealGM Wiretap
Red Sox GM Ben Cherington announced the signing of relief pitcher Edward Mujica to a two-year contract Saturday.

The deal is worth $9.5M over the two years nike zoom pegasus australia , a baseball source told ESPNBoston on Thursday, when the agreement was first reported.

The 29-year-old Mujica was the closer for a time with the Cardinals this past season but lost the job in September and was not a factor in the postseason.

Wrigley Upgrades Will Begin In July - RealGM Wiretap

The Chicago Cubs will break ground in July on long-awaited renovations to Wrigley Field.

The club expects the project to be completed by Opening Day 2016.

Cubs president Crane Kenney told the media Tuesday that the approximate cost of the project is now estimated to be $575 million, or $75 million more than initially planned. Much of the added expense involves the expansion of the home clubhouse.

Yankees Prospect Needs Tommy John Surgery - RealGM Wiretap

Manny Banuelos will not pitch at all next season after undergoing Tommy John surgery.

Banuelos is New York's top pitching prospect and losing him for all of 2013 will hurt the team's plan to reduce their payroll for 2014.

The Yankees hoped that Banuelos, Dellin Betances and Michael Pineda would provide young, affordable and strong starting pitching within the next two years.

Banuelos, 21, was shut down in May at Triple-A and never returned to action.

锘? When it comes to the golf swing, no other sports motion has been more analyzed and studied for perfection. There are countless tips, golf swing instruction books under armour curry 2.5 australia , and videos out there to help improve your golf swing. Each of these teaching methods usually comes with their own gimmicks or drills, but I have always found that the best swing tips for golf never change. The following seven swing tips for the golf swing were given to me when I was a young boy. They laid the groundwork for my fundamentals. Golf swing tip #1. Be Smooth. Good tempo is the key for having a good golf swing, and it applies to all aspects of the game, even putting. Watch Fred Couples swing, he is a master at having good tempo. Practice hitting mid irons, like a five iron only 100-120 yards with a full swing. The only way to hit the ball properly and get the ball in the air is to have perfect tempo that is still accelerating as you hit the ball. Be patient as this swing tip drill is difficult if you are a high handicapper. This is the exact golf drill that Fred Couples uses to work on his tempo. Golf swing tip #2. Have a balanced posture. If you are unbalanced at address your swing will be off balance from the get-go and you won't hit consistent golf shots. To practice having good balance practice swinging on the driving range with your feet together. This will force you to swing on balance or you will fall over. Also make sure that you have the proper bend in your knees. When you stand over the ball your shoulders should be right over your knees, and your knees should be bent at an angle similar to you going to sit down in a chair. Golf swing tip #3. Have the right grip. There are many golf instruction aids out there that can show you diagrams of the perfect grip etc., but in my opinion the best way for you to grip a golf club is to pick up a yard stick and naturally grip it. Your hands should be touching with right pinky overlapping your left index finger. Having the proper grip is a very important component of the golf swing as not many great golfers have had unorthodox grips. Golf swing tip #4. Keep your left arm straight throughout the golf swing. I am not saying to keep it tight and rigid, I mean that it should be straight under armour curry 1 australia , but loose without anything but a very slight bend in the left elbow. Watch any pro hit the ball on TV and you will see what I mean, all of them keep their left arm straight. It will bring the club back and through in the perfect position. Golf swing tip #5. Proper weight shift. Not having one is a mistake I see a lot of amateur golfers make. In order for you to make good contact and to hit the ball far your weight needs to shift to your right leg on the backswing, but then as the club starts down your weight should shift to your left leg. When you finish your swing, most of your weight is still on your left leg. If you do the reverse, what a lot of golfers do, you will slice the ball. Remember that as the club starts down and your right elbow returns to your side your weight should shift onto your left foot. This will give you balance and power. Golf swing tip #6. Keep your head still. During the golf swing your head should remain absolutely still. Again, watch the pros, their heads never move during their swing. I can't overemphasize this enough. In my opinion this is the most important fundamental in golf. Most amateur will sway their head back with their takeaway or they will pick their head up too quickly to see where they hit the shot. Whenever you move your head, your body follows with it under armour curry 2 australia , so if you pick your head up, your body lifts up and you will hit the golf ball off center. If you sway your head back your body will sway back and you will be off balance and not come through the ball with good timing. Remember to keep your head still during the golf swing. Golf swing tip #7. Visualize each shot. Every good golfer knows that golf is at least 80% mental. I know that this is not technical, mechanical swing advice, but in order to hit good golf shots you need to put yourself in the frame of mind to. Before each shot stand behind the ball and picture exactly how you want the shot to turn out. It won't happen that way every time, but I bet you will hit better shots more often just by following this one tip for your golf swing. Follow these seven tips for your golf swing and I bet that you can lower your handicap in the next few week.

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