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The emergence of mechanized products

#1 by concretemixer , Mon Jul 24, 2017 5:53 pm

The emergence of mechanized products, indeed help us to improve the efficiency, and now mechanized products have been extended to the food industry, including Shandong Bayi BYJZP-400 dumpling skin machine, which is a very convenient production of dumplings machine, Is a high-tech products to rely on the production of dumplings of the machine, (Shandong Bayi food industry equipment) has become 80 and 90 after the venture machine of choice.
Dumpling originated in China's Northern and Southern Dynasties period, popular industrial peanut butter machine grinding
at least 1,400 years of history. To the Yuan Dynasty, the dumplings of the filling, shape and eating gradually to the diversification of the evolution of different flavors. Thousands of years has been much of the people of all ages. Dumplings have gradually become a Chinese food culture, and its unique charm of famous Chinese and foreign.
Imitation handbag dumpling skin machine widely used:
1) in large enterprises, dozens of dumpling skin machine can be composed of production line water operations, give full play to the advantages of scale; 2) in small dumpling processing plant, due to the small size of equipment, high efficiency, with a variety of refrigeration equipment operation, In the fast food industry, because the device has frequency control device, one or two people can operate.
3) the general restaurant package system for several hours to meet the guests all day use, so that a wider range of applications;
4) The product since its inception has been three full, miss, Mengniu, Yili, Qingfeng buns and other enterprises selected.
Baking potato chips production line equipment
The food machinery industry is an industry that serves fried potato chips production line
the food industry directly. The development of food industry led to the development of food machinery; and food machinery industry, scientific and technological progress and development, but also for the development of the food industry to create favorable material conditions, greatly promote the food industry forward.
1, China's food industry development overview:
Diet level is an important indicator of the degree of civilization and the quality of life of the people. Food quality and supply situation, directly related to the whole nation's constitution, affecting the country's political stability and social progress. The world's economically developed countries attach great importance to the development of food industry.
China's food industry has to meet the people's growing material and cultural needs and for the country's economic construction to provide the accumulation of the dual task, is an important part of the national economy. The development of food industry can accelerate the optimization of agricultural structure and its product quality adjustment, improve the economic value of agricultural products and promote a virtuous circle of agricultural production. At the same time, to promote and promote the feed industry, packaging industry, machinery industry, electronics industry and fine chemical industry and other related industries coordinated development, to adapt to the catering industry, tourism and other tertiary industry needs, the prosperity of urban and rural markets, expanding exports and expansion Labor and employment have a very important role.
Since the 1980s, the central and local governments have attached great importance to full stainless steel peanut butter machine filling machine
the development of the food industry and formulated a series of policies to support the development of the food industry. At the same time, the State Council formulated the Outline of China's Food Structure Development and Reform in the 1990s. The China Food Industry Association formulated the Outline of Science and Technology Development of China's Food Industry in 1995. Henan Province, the food industry after 20 years of rapid development, the indicators have been walking in the forefront of the country, especially as a large agricultural province, in the adjustment of economic structure, promote the process of agricultural industrialization, vigorously develop the food industry is important significance. Therefore, in the just-concluded provincial people's congress to livestock processing, grain and oil processing, fruit and vegetable processing as the main food industry as the first pillar industry to cultivate. At present, China's food industry has initially formed a relatively complete category, technological progress, increasingly rich products, distribution network smooth production and management system, the national economy is an important strategic position in a major industry. The annual output value of more than 540 billion yuan. In the national industrial categories, the output value of the first. The baking potato chips production line equipment is the company in the second generation of fried potato chips on the basis of equipment, the development of potato chips production line is the third generation of food machinery and equipment, that is, potato baking potato chips production line equipment, the device has a high degree of automation , Easy to operate, equipment from the weight, smooth operation, high precision.

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