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corresponding measures composite decking

#1 by qizhen0809 , Mon Jul 24, 2017 6:08 pm

However, the use of adhesives will inevitably release formaldehyde. Under geothermal conditions, multiples are released. Therefore, when consumers use integrated composite floors and multi-storey floors, it is necessary to do the corresponding measures to drive formaldehyde. But solid wood is made of pure natural wood, and does not use any adhesive. Therefore, in the environmental protection, solid wood geothermal floor is more suitable for geothermal.

Three, wear resistance to long-term, due to the geothermal floor should be thin, should not be thick, so the composite surface layer in general 0.3-0.6 mm as well. The abrasion resistance of the main surface paint is higher than that of the traditional ones. Now on the market using the German treffert paint better is the floor, because this is really in the paint treffert wear leading position in the world. Three tips to buy geothermal floor, small house temporarily introduced here,

I hope to help you choose to heat the floor, if you want to know more knowledge please continue to pay attention to heat the floor, house decoration net.Carbonized solid wood flooring, also known as floor heating dedicated solid wood flooring, its good thermal conductivity, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, home decoration is a common floor. Today,
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