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Dainan stainless steel pipe plant rose twice a day

#1 by meishengchao , Thu Nov 23, 2017 6:42 pm

Dainan stainless steel pipe plant rose twice a dayHowever, the current rise in steel prices really have a solid foundation? In actual fact, the current market can pick up the key lies in the latter part of the steel output will not be reduced and to capacity can be implemented, the current demand for the rapid release of the possibility of no longer Large, if there is no recent good news, a strong rebound in market prices is unlikely, the market downside still exists. Therefore, the market is still not expected to shake off the situation next week.Tamaño estándar de acero inoxidable 304L T en forma de barra ManufacturerFor the steel market, the traditional "Golden S silver," did not come as scheduled, since the Ching Ming Festival, snail and billet repeatedly lower, the market psychology pessimistic, the market price hit record lows, leading the continuous ex-factory steel mills Down, led the market to today's cumulative decline of 200-300 ranging from the following Xiaobian to review the changes in Fujian market price this month. At present, the traditional peak season, however, due to pre-billet, snail plunged sharply, the formation of a clear spot on the mentality of the spot, the downstream procurement efforts are not always high, the overall market transactions were sluggish, the overall stock market slowed down significantly during the month.AISI 420C Grade 200 Stainless Steel Precision BallAccording to relevant statistics, as of now, the total stock of Fujian thread snail this week is about 492,300 tons, only a decrease of more than 30,000 tons compared with the beginning of this month. The major resources are still mostly concentrated in Fuzhou and Quanzhou. At present, only two places The total inventory of about 373,200 tons, far more than the sum of other parts of the province, the market pressure on sales of dealers, the dark shipments so many operations over the month, the latter part of the relationship between supply and difficult to improve.ASTM 304 stainless steel polished flat bar cold ro...Summarize, April steel prices in a downturn, the business mentality continue to be hit, coupled with speculation in the market untold, steel rebound probability is minimal, but today the spiral rebound higher, near the pressure of 3000, led the billet back up, The market or a wave of short-term market, Fujian region tends to pull up steadily in the short term situation, but the current purchasing confidence has not recovered the middle and lower reaches of the high level of resource acceptance will be limited, the second half does not rule out the possibility of further weakening.color coated steel coil pre painted galvanized roofing sheet

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