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  • Enamel incense burnerDateMon Feb 12, 2018 8:17 pm
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    Enamel incense for the Qing Emperor Qianlong era enamel device, a "Qianlong Year" models, they are simple shape, ornamentation graceful, the production process is also very fine, with a high collection value.

    vacuum pump in china

    Copper tire gold. Round, open, along the roll, double erect ears, short neck, flat abdomen, flat, short three pyramids.

    Automatic UV polyurethane coating machine

    The inner walls are light blue enamel glaze, the outer wall is yellow enamelled, the enamel is gorgeous and bright, the enamel is delicate and smooth, the embellishment is the hook line, the mottled floral pattern is drawn. The petals are painted with white edges, painted red, blue and purple colors. Green to black Crochet, of which six on the Red Lotus Tuotuo peach, peach Seal book a group of Chinese characters. At the end of the blue square box regular script "Yongzheng year" four characters.

    PVD vacuum metallizer vacuum coating machine in China

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    Stainless steel pipe manufacturers benefit the development of industries1, the state's industrial policy to promote the development of stainless steel pipe industry in Foshan. The National Development and Reform Commission promulgated the "Guiding Catalog of Industrial Structure Adjustment" explicitly listed projects such as "storage and transportation of crude oil, natural gas, liquefied natural gas and refined oil products and pipeline construction and network construction" such as stainless steel pipe projects as encouragement projects,Made in China 1.4401 Stainless Steel Bright Round barIn addition, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology promulgated the Guiding Catalog for Independent Innovation of Major Technical Equipment, and listed such projects as "oil and gas long-distance pipeline equipment" as the key projects for development. These national industrial policies will promote the stainless steel pipe industry in Foshan development of.Best Wholesale Price Round Shape Corrugated Tube Stainless Steel 304 Grade2, promote the construction of infrastructure driven stainless steel pipe industry in Foshan needs. With the rapid development of urbanization and industrialization in our country, infrastructure construction is still an important force for promoting the development of our country.laminado en frío de alta calidad 201 precio del acero inoxidableWith the petrochemical, natural gas, electric power and energy industries have started construction, led the continuous increase in demand for stainless steel pipe, Foshan stainless steel pipe industry led the development.1.0mm Stainless Steel 4x8 Colored Decorative Metal sheet for Wall Cladding

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    Stainless steel manufacturers transition green developmentRepresenting an increase of 4.1 percentage points from the end of 2015. The quick ratio and current ratio were 0.70 and 0.48 respectively. Although the slight improvement in the first quarter was still low, the decrease was mainly due to the large amount of short-term borrowings.stainless coil stock, steel coil pricesFirst, to promote the full implementation of 304 stainless steel pipe cleaner production, and second, actively promote the development of advanced energy-saving emission reduction technology, the third is the construction of 304 stainless steel pipe industrial ecological park, the development of recycling economy, and fourth, to achieve synergies between steel and regional development, including 304 Stainless steel pipe industry transformation and upgrading of a combination:stainless steel coil exportsIn the course of industrial transfer, we will focus on promoting the transformation and upgrading of the steel industry, speeding up the elimination of backwardness, promoting technological progress, starting from a high starting point and upgrading the quality and technical equipment to promote the overall technological process and technical equipment of the 304 stainless steel pipe industry.todos los tamaños la mejor tubería y tubo de acero inoxidable de la calidad 316lAnd the maintenance of social stability and the rights and interests of workers combined: the transfer of industries is a complex system engineering, production capacity layout adjustment changes not only equipment, production, more important is the ensuing staff placement, debt problems, industrial transfer We must pay attention to maintaining social stability and the rights and interests of employees in combination to ensure social stability.Industrial Factory Direct Sale 201 Stainless Steel Wire For Promotion

  • The application of cone crusher in mineDateTue Jan 23, 2018 10:03 pm
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    Cone crusher is widely used in crushing ore, ore processing and application support, cannot leave the crusher equipment for ore quality of a material is hard, so it is difficult to say broken is, this would require the crusher equipment has enough ability to complete the break.Best Steel Scrap Melting Furnace
    In the crushing of ore, it is widely used as a cone crusher. Crusher equipment is a kind of equipment with obvious application effect in the industry. It has always had a good development market in the mining industry.aluminum melting furnace and holding furnace

    With the continuous improvement of the equipment and technological breakthrough, the equipment has been well developed, and the equipment has already reached other fields.
    electric aluminum scrap melting furnace

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    Since the development of the pulse duster, the utilization of ultrafine pulverizer has become more and more high, and the pulse duster is the gold partner of ultrafine mill. Now each region of the relevant government departments in our country is extremely strict environmental requirements of mechanical equipment, the previous old Raymond mill is equipped with the cloth bag dust catcher poor sealing effect, is not enough to satisfy the requirement of environment protection in our country at present stage, so are eliminated by the market, and now a new type of pulse dust collector with good purification efficiency, effect, small resistance and long life of filter pocket, the advantages of easy maintenance, safe and reliable operation, has become a superfine mill equipment indispensable supporting "parts"!Tools industry annealing tube furnace

    Manufacturer of pulse dust catcher, but we also will pay high cost price for the customer equipped with the most advanced pulse dust catcher on the market at present, to the quality of the mechanical equipment and environmental protection work is to do a mountain zhuo's top priority. It is easy for the customers to use them, and the government departments can be more comfortable when we manufacture the equipment.High Temperature Zinc Pit Furnace Machine

    Who needs processing, ceramics, barite, limestone slag, kaolin, talc, mica, marble and other stone hardness under 9.3 magnitude of nonmetallic mineral materials, mountain zhuo mill equipment can be very good to complete your request.Car Bottom Furnace For Heating Treatment

  • March domestic steel prices rose more or less?DateTue Jan 09, 2018 5:41 pm
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    March domestic steel prices rose more or less?The steel industry, as the pillar of the domestic economy, experienced the ebb and flow of this wavelength cycle in synchronization with the domestic economy. As the domestic economy stabilized and bottomed out, the steel market also took it. In the meantime, under the ebb and flow of prices, long-term losses and other dismal conditions, as well as the reform of the domestic steel industry in the past two years, capacity-building, elimination of backwardness and other reforms have been effectively carried out. The environment in which the market is located has quietly changed. The most fundamental Will directly confirm the mentality of people in the steel trade enterprises, the psychology after the baptism will be more rational, less impulsive, of course, anti-strike capability also increased, that is, a little bit of bad news will not cause panic selling bargain-hunting.Stainless Steel Sheet Price ListFor example, after entering 2017, the terminal demand in January and February has gradually recovered, but it still has not reached the normal level. According to the transaction of Nanchang Market after the steel market was opened in the year, the market is mostly the transfer of resources rather than the terminal Digestion of resources, driven by last year's market rally, "coal steel coke" market attention is unprecedented, a black related good news, the influence is often magnified, private capital market participation and activity from this change It is very high, from this point of view the role of small reservoirs this year or more than last year.Stainless Steel Pipe Price ListThe most uncertain or will be this year's domestic demand for steel, the price rise, the need for support, there is no demand with the air-pulled prices will often lead to plunge, here we focus on next year whether the steady growth of steel demand . Recently, spot prices continue to fall, and some of the resource prices are very much below the direct sale price. Billet profits so rich, will adjust the stockpile of raw materials to suppress the price of raw steel billet and thus increase their own profit margins mentality.0.8mm 1.0mm 1.5mm Grosor 4'x8 'hoja de acero inoxidable 304Therefore, although the 27th finished product after a sharp pull up performance may be, but the procurement of raw steel billet enthusiasm is obviously not good. In short, the short-term billet market negative factors increase, the price is difficult to chase high, or the potential adjustment may be, later will continue to follow manufacturers to understand the implementation of limited production and resource supply changes, the current round of steel prices continued to pull up, causing steel Concurrently wen wen late warning, five ministries joint vocalism to suppress speculation in the steel market to deliver a stable steel price signal, although the steel prices continue to suppress the suppression, but the market has not been affected by the abrupt rise to decline.Ss304 Security Architectural Cable Rope Stainless Steel Wiremesh

  • SOHO broadband router setup tutorialDateMon Dec 04, 2017 8:10 pm
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    SOHO broadband routers are usually cheaper, simpler in function, and easier to configure and use. Such Huawei Communication Equipment Manufacter In China are often used for home or small office access to the Internet. There may be some netizens who know less about the network knowledge and do not know how to configure them. Therefore, we intend to write a more systematic, detailed and complete configuration of the SOHO broadband router. A configuration method of

    and SOHO broadband router

    SOHO broadband router is configured with the Web browser. First, we need to see the broadband router's IP address, login user name and password, which are usually written below the router or in the package. (IP address is usually 192.168.X.1, the user name is admin, the password is admin), the connection card of computer is connected to any LAN port of broadband router through direct twisted pair line.


    1, the configuration steps with twisted pair is connected to any network and broadband router, a computer with a Lan port. Add electricity to the router.

    2, configure the IP address of the computer. Let the IP address of the computer and the IP address of the Huawei Communication Equipment in the same network segment, for example, the router's IP address is, we set the IP address of the computer network card to, and the mask is If the router has enabled the DHCP service, we don't have to configure the IP address for the computer, and let the router's DHCP server allocate the IP for it. The following is to configure the IP address of the computer procedure:

    a right click on the “ &rdquo, click on the shortcut neighbors online; the pop-up menu on the “ &rdquo property; command, open the local connection

    figure two right click the &ldquo

    ” local connection; figure three in “ &rdquo local connection; attribute to find and select “ ” Internet protocol (TCP/IP), and then click the &rdquo &ldquo button

    ; properties; figure four configuration IP address

    3, open the Web browser (such as

    IE browsing) in the address bar enter the IP address of the router, such as, if the normal connection, it will open the login dialog box figure five:

    in the login box to enter a user name and password into the router management interface,

    5, the way the Internet configuration and related parameters of the

    The important configuration owner is to choose the way to access the Internet and enter some of the configuration parameters provided to us by ISP (such as telecommunications, Unicom). The following is an example of PPPOE Internet access.

    figure seven choose the Internet for the PPPOE

    configuration in figure eight the user name and password Huawei Metro 1000 Oi2D Optix155 622H

    lsnrctl, don't forget to save the settings. Other parameters do not have to be configured. It can be used at this time.

  • Dainan stainless steel pipe plant rose twice a dayDateThu Nov 23, 2017 6:42 pm
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    Dainan stainless steel pipe plant rose twice a dayHowever, the current rise in steel prices really have a solid foundation? In actual fact, the current market can pick up the key lies in the latter part of the steel output will not be reduced and to capacity can be implemented, the current demand for the rapid release of the possibility of no longer Large, if there is no recent good news, a strong rebound in market prices is unlikely, the market downside still exists. Therefore, the market is still not expected to shake off the situation next week.Tamaño estándar de acero inoxidable 304L T en forma de barra ManufacturerFor the steel market, the traditional "Golden S silver," did not come as scheduled, since the Ching Ming Festival, snail and billet repeatedly lower, the market psychology pessimistic, the market price hit record lows, leading the continuous ex-factory steel mills Down, led the market to today's cumulative decline of 200-300 ranging from the following Xiaobian to review the changes in Fujian market price this month. At present, the traditional peak season, however, due to pre-billet, snail plunged sharply, the formation of a clear spot on the mentality of the spot, the downstream procurement efforts are not always high, the overall market transactions were sluggish, the overall stock market slowed down significantly during the month.AISI 420C Grade 200 Stainless Steel Precision BallAccording to relevant statistics, as of now, the total stock of Fujian thread snail this week is about 492,300 tons, only a decrease of more than 30,000 tons compared with the beginning of this month. The major resources are still mostly concentrated in Fuzhou and Quanzhou. At present, only two places The total inventory of about 373,200 tons, far more than the sum of other parts of the province, the market pressure on sales of dealers, the dark shipments so many operations over the month, the latter part of the relationship between supply and difficult to improve.ASTM 304 stainless steel polished flat bar cold ro...Summarize, April steel prices in a downturn, the business mentality continue to be hit, coupled with speculation in the market untold, steel rebound probability is minimal, but today the spiral rebound higher, near the pressure of 3000, led the billet back up, The market or a wave of short-term market, Fujian region tends to pull up steadily in the short term situation, but the current purchasing confidence has not recovered the middle and lower reaches of the high level of resource acceptance will be limited, the second half does not rule out the possibility of further weakening.color coated steel coil pre painted galvanized roofing sheet

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    met a friend yesterday and said he had a wireless router in his home, but he couldn't use his colleagues to help him. I recalled, his home network is I set up, is the telecommunications fiber optic cat, I set the automatic dialing. So I suspect his colleagues have set up wireless routers in dial-up mode.

    so sometimes we need to set up 2 or more than 2 routers to meet the need. For example, there is already a wired Huawei Ar1220C Ip Pbx Modem, also want to add a wireless router; or have a wireless router, but the line number is not strong, want to add a two level wireless router to meet the application. Here are two TP-LINK-R4148 to explain how to set up, it is worth throwing a brick to attract jade, to help novice.

    set up more than 2 routers, the key is that the router LAN port IP address can not be repeated, otherwise it will cause conflicts, causing network failure. The default IP address of IP-LINK router is, as follows: the IP address of the

    router is reserved and the default is ok. And normal settings, so that it can be used normally networking, this little said, I believe everyone will. For example: two router settings under

    settings before do not tell a router connected to the computer screen directly inserted into the two router LAN port on the computer in the local area connection, the IP address is set to (here 2 2-254 can be free. Subnet mask, as for gateways and DNS, can not be set first. Then login to the settings page, the user name and password are admin. In the network parameter -LAN port settings, the IP address is changed to, as follows:

    settings, save. The router will request to restart, restart with new IP address landing, before landing, also need to change the IP address in the local computer connection to, (2-254 arbitrary). So you can login two level ZTE Router,Cisco Swicher,Huawei Microwave with Then, in the network parameter -WAN port settings, set to static IP, as follows:

    here is set to, select the end of the number, to maximize the avoidance of IP conflict. The gateway needs to be set as the IP address of the first level router, and as for DNS, it can be set as the IP address of the local DNS service provider, and can also be directly set to as the graph. That's all right. Then the first level router LAN port leads to a cable inserted into the two level router WAN port, the two routers can be connected to use. In order to make the network more stable, you can divide the DHCP service into a dedicated IP segment in the first level router. The following diagram: the address pool of the

    DHCP service can also be set at will, but only if you want to avoid the 254 address of the two level router. Here set to 100-199, there are restrictions on individual routers, not more than how much, that is because the router varies. The DHCP service in the two level router does not need to be specially set up, because it is a 192.168.0.x segment, and does not conflict with the first level router. When you use it everyday, if you use it under a router, you can set the IP address of the local connection to (2-253). When you specify the IP address, you can't set the number of 254. The following diagram:

    , if used in the two router, IP address can be set as: (2-254), as follows:

    , so you can reasonably use 2 routers to access the internet. If you're in trouble, simply set the IP address and DNS automatically. (of course, the 2 Original Huawei Router,Swicher,Microwave And Router,Swicher,Microwave Made In China can be wired routers and wireless router combinations, fiber optic cats and wireless router combinations, etc.; … …)

  • May stainless steel pipe prices can be washed upDateSun Nov 12, 2017 6:55 pm
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    May stainless steel pipe prices can be washed up1, the start-up rate of steel sub-research national construction steel mills rebar, wire rod operating rate continued to pick up both. As of April 26, the operating rate of rebar was 74.8%, an increase of 2 percentage points month-on-month and a year-on-year decrease of 4.2 percentage points; wire rod operating rate was 72.2%, an increase of 4.2 percentage points month-on-month and a year-on-year decrease of 5.9 percentage points. The current profitability of steel mills is very rich, and their enthusiasm for production is very high. Due to the environmental inspection, output is limited.bobina de acero inoxidable - latido caliente2, Analysis of steel production Investigation of rebar and steel wire rod production in national construction steel mills also continued to pick up both. As of April 26, rebar weekly output of 3.1275 million tons, an increase of 179,500 tons month on month, a year-on-year decrease of 236,600 tons; wire weekly output of 1,405,100 tons, an increase of 129,900 tons month on month, a year-on-year decrease of 101,600 tons . The increase in operating rates indicates that the output of mills is also increasing, mainly due to the present-day profit margins of steel mills are relatively good and profitability is good.fábrica de venta directa de acero inoxidable3. Inventory analysis of steel mills As of April 27, the total inventory of construction steel mills in the steel mills in the country was 3.6125 million tons, of which, the total inventory of rebar was 2.2873 million tons, increasing by 60.01 tons month-on-month and increasing by 60.4 million year-on-year Ton; wire total 785,200 tons, reducing 15,300 tons month on month, an increase of 224,500 tons year on year.Hot Quality Stainless Steel CoilIn the context of sustained output of steel mills, although the downstream demand performance is acceptable, but the stock is still showing an upward trend, sales pressure gradually increased.factory price stainlesss steel sheet

  • Environmental monitoring vendors benefit mostDateWed Oct 18, 2017 1:28 am
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    The industrial boiler pollution involved in the monitoring of pollution sources, dust, desulfurization and new energy-saving environmental protection boiler 4 areas were sorted out, the most benefit for the monitoring plate:

    (1) the industrial boiler pollution sources to monitor the new market exceeded 20 billion yuan, the next three years the industry compound annual growth rate of not less than 50, and monitoring the market competition is stable, leading enterprises the most flexible; Vacuum Furnaces

    (2) desulfurization due to industrial boilers pay more attention to the best economic, power desulfurization enterprises into the field of industrial boilers can maintain the existing competitive landscape there is a certain uncertainty; custom vacuum furnace

    (3) Dust removal and new energy-saving and environmental protection boiler field respectively New market space 96 billion yuan and nearly 200 billion yuan, equivalent to 5-10 times the size of their existing market, industry flexibility, but the threshold is low, the concentration is not high.Vacuum Furnace

  • Topic by meishengchao. Forum: Guest Area

    2018 stainless steel tube manufacturers to explore the market2017 is the national "thirteen five" plan "ready to go" year, is the "supply side reform" implementation of the two years the commodity market has begun to bear fruit, nickel and stainless steel market turning point. With the ferrous metals and nonferrous metals industry by the policy side of the positive impact of nickel market once again show the "Yao Qi" side, and Indonesia, the Philippines nickel shortage shortage to become the main bottleneck restricting the increase in domestic nickel and iron production.Supply Stainless Steel SheetAt the same time 2017 is the stainless steel industry closed up a year, following the market in 2016 after the warmer, the stainless steel market bullish atmosphere. Although the price has dropped from the beginning of the year, but the stainless steel prices rose 20% over last year, the Philippines on the domestic open-pit mining restrictions and the domestic strike steel, strict requirements for environmental protection measures such as the achievements of the 2017 nickel and stainless steel market.Stainless Steel Sheet Supplier Price2018, the supply side of the reform will continue, environmental protection policy will be more stringent, the domestic nickel industry will be what kind of impact? In the past two years, domestic electrolytic nickel enterprises spontaneously cut production, stop production to cope with the continuous decline in the late there are several companies can survive? Large enterprises overseas construction of the road will be what kind of change? For the future stainless steel market, we will continue to pay attention to the Philippines and Indonesia on the nickel mine will launch what kind of policy? Concerned about the domestic stainless steel market supply and demand structure will happen how to change? Concerned about the rise behind the stainless steel is the surface of the message or the demand side of the support?factory price stainlesss steel sheetThese problems are 2017 nickel and stainless steel prices after the shocks left behind, will affect the future trend. For the 2018 stainless steel market, we believe that the supply side of the reform, the market order is more standardized, competition from the price competition to the quality of competition, large enterprises will gradually extend the industrial chain, increase the competitive advantage. At the same time with the infrastructure projects carried out, 2018 stainless steel market or continue to stabilize the trend.0Cr18Ni9 304 Polishing Stainless Steel Plate 310s

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    Stainless steel thick - walled pipe industry price trendSteel prices rise fast, profit rise, and steel to production capacity, capacity utilization back to the appropriate level. National Development and Reform Commission, deputy director of Ningji? In March this year, said that through 2016 and 2017 to production capacity, the national steel capacity utilization accounts can account for 80%.bobina de acero inoxidable de venta calienteAccording to statistics, as of the end of May, the country has completed 42.39 million tons of crude steel production capacity reduction task, 50 million tons of annual target tasks completed 84%. And originally scheduled for June 30 completely removed the task of steel, has also been completed ahead of schedule.0.45mm thickness prepainted galvanized steel coilAt the same time, steel production capacity utilization has been far more than 80%. Such as the spring data show that Hebei Tangshan area on August 8 blast furnace operating rate of 91.35%, at a high level.stainless steel strip supplier , Stainless Steel Metal Products For SaleIn the long run, the steel industry should have a normal capacity utilization level, the current 80% of the capacity utilization is still too high, which allows enterprises to easily make money without considering the technological progress, the future to focus on how to promote industry competitionVacuum Furnaces,Vacuum Brazing Furnace

  • Topic by meishengchao. Forum: I am new here!

    Stainless steel pipe manufacturers to promote steel market roseAlthough the steel market in recent years, the "gold nine silver ten" seems to have been too strong persuasive, but for the construction industry, it is still "golden season." And this year is different from previous years, "land steel" banned, resulting in building materials market is "tough." In this case, "gold nine silver ten" will be with the steel city, to support steel prices remain high to run.Stainless steel exports,Stainless steel suppliers,Stainless Steel Metal Products For SaleSince last year, with the rise in steel prices, steel mills can be described as a bowl full of pots. It is understood that the current Hebei private steel billet profits up to 600-700 yuan, individual cost control better corporate profits even close to thousand dollars. Steel tons of steel profits higher, really accumulated the risk of falling, the market will soon be raised after the adjustment needs.Vacuum Furnaces,Vacuum Brazing FurnaceBut from the current situation this year, expect prices continue to plummet, and then fell to the vicinity of the steel line, this possibility is relatively small. Mainly due to the current policy of the steel market to form a positive. Steel to production capacity, control of steel production; "one way along the" policy, pulling the demand for steel. In addition, the saying goes, feng shui turns, do not just see "thief eat meat", then "thief beaten" when they do not see who "fight injustice."bobina de acero inoxidable precio - EastasiaMetalFrom the recent market conditions, the upward trend in steel prices is very stable, strong resilience; even if the snail appears "U-turn" market, but the spot billet, building materials and other varieties still show a strong. Comprehensive consideration, I think the future is still worth looking forward to the steel market, the general direction will continue to break up, which billet, building materials will continue to play a "leader" role.stainless steel 304 factory direct sale round bar

  • Stainless steel tube polishing processDateMon Jul 24, 2017 7:18 pm
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    Stainless steel tube polishing processPolishing process is carried out in the production process of stainless steel pipe several times, the purpose is to remove the main defects of semi-finished products such as cracks, folding, etc., to improve the finished product surface finish. Foreign commonly used belt polishing machine for polishing, very few due to surface defects caused by waste.jiangsu steel Group Co. LtdThe use of artificial cloth roller polishing, and even the most simple grinding wheel grinding method, high labor intensity, pollution of the environment, uneven force will cause steel "multi-angle", "coke", "no round" and other defects.manufacture cold rolled Stainless Steel PlateEquipped with modern finishing equipment, to strengthen quality control is an important part of contemporary stainless steel pipe production. High-precision straightening machine, cold pressing and spinning machine, long (6 ~ 8) polishing machine, full-length marking device, are widely used in the world of high efficiency stainless steel tube finishing production equipment.grade Q235B galvanized checkered steel plateStainless steel pipe finishing section of the nondestructive testing process, is essential to the quality of detection means. Nondestructive testing technology advances, so that more manufacturers use the eddy current, ultrasonic combination flaw detection unit, and equipped with laser caliper, ultrasonic thickness measurement device. This combination of flaw detection unit with advanced information processing system, the measured signal all data, after computer processing and storage, a high degree of automation, high production efficiency.310 Лист нержавеющей стали из нержавеющей стали

  • Stainless steel tubes for petrochemical industryDateThu Jul 20, 2017 6:33 pm
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    Stainless steel tubes for petrochemical industryWith the petrochemical plant production capacity to improve the processing capacity, as well as the amount of alloy and stainless steel pipe accounted for the proportion of the total increase in the proportion of steel refining crude oil increased the proportion of refined oil and the quality requirements are increasingly The higher the demand for Φ219mm above the large diameter steel pipe is greatly improved.jiangsu steel Group Co. LtdPetrochemical stainless steel is mainly 304,316 and 316L; alloy steel to Cr5Mo and other heat-resistant steel-based. As the Cr5Mo steel in the use of some problems, to be gradually to the Cr9Mo steel (usually called semi-stainless steel, cold rolled steel sheet priceJapan will also heat-resistant steel statistics to stainless steel) transition, the service life can be increased 3 to 4 times. At present, the petrochemical industry needs about 40,000 tons of stainless steel pipe.Стальная Оцинкованная Квадратная Труба Astm A53 ErwChemical industry is a large user of stainless steel tube, the annual demand for stainless steel tube about 30,000 t, of which the largest amount of fertilizer industry, the highest requirements. Chemical industry with stainless steel pipe has the following characteristics:Ba Surface 430 Stainless Steel Circle

  • Stainless steel market fundamentalsDateThu Jul 06, 2017 6:39 pm
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    Stainless steel market fundamentalsJune 201 cold rolling the overall trend of the first rapid decline after touchdown, in the rapid pull up after a slight decline in the end of the month by the nickel rebound again and the market resources of the double positive, the price once again quickly pulled up.304 stainless steel sheet&coilAt present, 201 cold rolling prices are basically in the 8400 ~ 8800 yuan / ton, is expected in July 201 hot and cold the overall average price will ring up in June than in June.scrap steel exports,scrap steel pricesFrom the supply and demand side, the total output of stainless steel in June rebounded in July, steel mills profit correction, operating rate increased, production continues to increase. Although the current demand for stainless steel in the off-season, but in late June to further reduce the social stock of stainless steel.hot sales GB 321 stainless steel anglesAt present, Wuxi and Foshan, the total price of stainless steel market in about 253,000 tons, the stock has been in January 2016 and October, the lowest level of social stock is almost consistent with the market speculation pull up the conditions.duplex stainless steel threaded connection

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    The difference between aluminum and stainless steel in space1. The advantages of space aluminum: space aluminum material is an environmentally friendly, non-fading, high-cost metal, nearly a decade has been widely used in home furnishings series of products, especially the space aluminum pendant to become a modern home kitchen pendant new trend, with Not rust, do not fade, environmental protection, durability and so on, is one of the decoration of the boutique, environmental protection than the average copper bathroom supplies even better, no oxidation than stainless steel is also good, while maintaining the appearance of bright yet solid Durable, affordable, a consumer favorite products.304 stainless steel sheet&coil Suitable for a variety of home improvement style, so you can feel some space aluminum pendant to bring you the fashion to enjoy. Fashion and watch, and known as "never rust", excellent materials, of course, at least 10 to 15 years to ensure that no rust.scrap steel exports,scrap steel prices2. Space aluminum shortcomings: space aluminum bathroom hardware pendant surface are matt, sub-light, there are many other colors, black, yellow, pink, can be deployed in the oxidation tank type of syrup to complete the color.Prime quality aisi321 stainless steel barAlthough fashion, but no electroplating chrome noble and beautiful. And the quality of space aluminum lighter, many like the texture of the bathroom hardware pendant friends may be on the space aluminum bathroom hardware pendant is not very fond of, and the space aluminum lighter, can not hang too heavy things.china stainless scrap steel manufacturers

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    cold forming and molding of stainless steel and its treatmentSome molding processes allow for slippery contact between metals. Local high pressure during molding can protect the passivation film that protects the stainless steel and may cause the cold surface of the unprotected stainless steel surface to weld to the surface of the tool.scrap steel exports,scrap steel pricesThe solder joints in the next step in the slide break, has been contaminated with debris tools, the mold surface will be in the stainless steel surface caused serious scratches. This requires the need to ensure that the forming equipment intact, while requiring skilled workers operating procedures, careful operation, to avoid the phenomenon of sponge material.stainless steel sheet exportsStainless steel has a high strength, in which austenitic stainless steel also has a significant cold hardening characteristics, if the cold forming process, the deformation is too large, will lead to the workpiece fracture, serious and even damage to molds and machinery and equipment. Therefore, in the production process, the hardness of the workpiece should be detected, and maintain a reasonable amount of deformation, in ensuring the quality of products to meet the needs of production efficiency.good quality stainless steel plateStainless steel workpiece in the cold forming, the surface passivation film will be damaged, but also adhesion stamping oil, mold and other metal debris, etc., is likely to cause corrosion. In order to make the workpiece after the workpiece has a good stainless steel and finish, but also to clean it to the oil and passivation treatment, conditional can also use plastic film to protect the surface of the workpiece.304 stainless steel sheet&coil

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    Stainless steel commonly used cold forming methodRoll forming roll forming method is the use of a continuous set of stainless steel into a complex shape of the product, suitable for the production of sheet and special-shaped wire. The order of the rolls is designed in accordance with the principle of gradual deformation of the product. The rolling mill is automatically controlled and the roll of each rack can be continuously rolled continuously until the desired final product shape is obtained.scrap steel exports,scrap steel pricesIf the shape of the parts is complex, up to threeteen racks can be used, but the simple shape of the parts, three or four racks can be. Roller is often made of cold work die steel, hardness is generally above HRC62, and in order to ensure the smooth surface of the workpiece after rolling, the surface of the roll surface requirements are also high. The use of roll forming technology to produce large quantities of long parts is the most economical.scrap steel price per tonneFor conventional sheet mills, the width of the strip that can be machined is 2.5 mm to 1500 mm and the thickness is 0.25 mm to 3.5 mm. For conventional wire rod mills, the width of the wire that can be machined is in the range of 1 mm to 30 mm , The thickness is 0.5 mm ~ 10mm. The machined parts are available in a variety of shapes, from simple planes to complex, closed sections. In general, due to the high speed of the tool, mold processing and equipment, for the monthly production of stainless steel sheet in more than 30,000 meters when the use of roll forming process economy, for the monthly output of stainless steel wire to reach more than 1000T.304 Лист нержавеющей стали с хорошим качествомWhether it is sheet or wire rolling production, must ensure that the surface of the raw material smooth, and regularly check the mold surface to prevent surface contamination and abrasion, and the equipment also need to bear the cold hardening of stainless steel and a higher rebound margin AbilityStainless steel strip

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